How are you able to review/talk about products for your affiliate websites?

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Hello Fellow Warriors!

Like many, I have been reading up on much IM material and made several endeavors(most failed.. but I learned from my mistakes).

The biggest problem I come into is reviewing products that I want to sell on my websites. I understand how to write reviews, but what I don't understand is how you get the information of the product.

I personally don't want to be buying, sometimes expensive, products to test. So if you don't actually purchase the products you are reviewing, how do you get the information?

Thanks a lot!
Kyle Murphy
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    There is plenty of information on most products if you know the right place to look. An example would be in the amazon reviews. There are usually quite a few in depth reviews that can get you started.

    Good luck!


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    Originally Posted by Murphysmurfy View Post

    if you don't actually purchase the products you are reviewing, how do you get the information?
    I get free "review copies" of many of the ClickBank products I might want to promote by asking like this:

    If that doesn't work, I buy them through my own affiliate-link (and then never refund them, even if they turn out to be useless).

    Some of the other stuff I promote (especially the very expensive stuff) I couldn't and wouldn't buy, but people reading my comments about it don't imagine that I've done so. I'm not, strictly speaking, writing "reviews" of what I haven't used myself.
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    A digital product like an ebook is something that you might want to buy or request for a review copy if you want to write unique content with an accurate review. The not-so-good alternative is to do extensive research by collecting information from people who have bought the product what they think of it.

    In the case of physical products you may want to visit a retail store like Walmart or a similar store in your region to analyze the features of the product before you write a review. You may also want to take into account buyers' experiences with the "after sales service" of the product.
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