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Hello WAR guys,

I need honest reviews on my blog. Your blog is a money maker.

What do you think i need to change concerning the blog?

Answers will be appreciated, really.

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    Dont' Like it... the design hurts my eyes, to much text, no formatting...
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      What template do you use? Try to keep the blog clear and clean. That could keep your visitors for more time to take the desired action.

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        I think you have to much gray going on. It blends in with the text to much. When I landed on the page I had a hard time really focusing on your headlines and text. I really didn't know where to focus on in your site.

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          Hi Soladolar,

          There is a conflict between the colours, it is a question of frequency. The eyes can only deal with certain combinations, otherwise the text/Background 'vibrates' which makes it difficult to read.

          Your 'pages' of text should be white like paper and because reading on a computer screen is different to hard copy I prefer 14px text.

          You could try Georgia typestyle which is easy to read at 14px.

          Also if you want to know which colours go together visit this website;


          They have some great free tools to help you find the right colour combinations.


          Carl Henry

          Hi I'm Carl Henry, I am giving an overview of all the ways to make money online, discover tips, info and even my views on the good, bad or UGLY! Take a look now!

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            Change the color to a light one.
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              I think you need it a bit brighter. First word that came to mind when I looked at it was 'dull'.

              Forgive me for being thick, but as it's a money maker blog, why do you have articles on the left about, stress, depression and tattoos?

              Your opt-in box needs to be above the fold.

              I have to scroll across the page to view the right hand column, so nearly missed it altogether.

              Best wishes

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                I think it's a little bland (needs more colors) and it's too wide.

                I didn't see any ads on there to help you generate any money.

                The bigger question is: When are you planning to move this over
                to your own domain?

                People will probably wonder why you're using a free option if you know
                your business so well.
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                  Bad color choice for background - way too dark. Looks very drab and text is too small.
                  Lacks formatting and as someone else said needs a colorful header.

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                    Thanks for all the constructive criticism,

                    It has really been nice; I would really appreciate it if some recommendations could be made. Recomendations like new templates, colour, Header, formatting, e.t.c You guys knows the rest.

                    The background is not really a colour but an image. As for ads, i'm working on it.

                    I really appreciate this.

                    Thanks greatly
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                      I think it's too dark and gloomy, and it's tough to read oe stay focused with the color combinations you have going on.

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                        I really do not like the theme. I would find a new one.

                        Also, if you are planning to use this blog to do more than just provide a link back to another blog, I would highly suggest you get your own domain and run a WordPress blog hosted on you own account.

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                          Your theme is a big problem because it hurts my eyes when i wan't to read something,to much gray color.Find yourself a new theme.
                          I was actually reading one post about 3 minutes and the pain in my eyes was only bigger.
                          So definitely choose a new theme and it will be ok.

                          Regards...Michael T.

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    Thanks a Lot For the reviews on Your blog is a money maker

    I have done something about the blog, so, is it okay or there are some other things you think i should still include; addition or subtraction.

    You're appreciated
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