Is there any Paypal Alternative for Indians ?

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I am pissed off by the Paypal threats I am facing nowadays.And I think every Indian Internet Marketer is facing the same problems.Can someone please suggest some alternatives for Paypal or anything that can be a saver.
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    There are for Cowboys, but I haven't seen any for Indians

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      Originally Posted by cjreynolds View Post

      There are for Cowboys, but I haven't seen any for Indians

      They have been many threads. Something might come up in the future, an alternative.
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    Have you tried wso standard payments, it is compatible with Indian based paypal accounts as well you can always use clickbank however they are a bit more pricey.

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    I think the best Paypal alternative that you can use is Alertpay/ Payza. Paypal is still number one. But, many people have started to use Alertpay also.

    If you sell something online, you better to stick with Paypal. Most buyers still use Paypal to buy online. I'm afraid if you use something else, the buyer will be lazy to buy the item.
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    I think there is only clickbank that can meet your requirement. Skrill/ Payza won't be a good choice.
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    Hey guys, try MEMBERCHIMP.COM is an independent portal that takes care of all of your e-commerce needs. It is different because it has simple UI with absolutely no setup costs and there are no monthly fees.There are no long installations and it cuts across boundaries of nations, accepting payments from across the globe.We provide online payment solutions even for Pakistan.We support all the payment options including Paypal, Payza, Moneybookers & Credit/Debit Cards. Users can make the payment and thereby adding that amount to your MemberChimp account.One can redeem it by Paypal, Cheque or a Bank transfer without any hassles.It is the easiest payment solution for every business.
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    Paypal really sucks.... They took my $400 back after 4 months saying the payer's credit card agency has reversed the payment and I am help's worst....

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