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Imagine you have started a particular campaign months ago and managed to build a new list of 100 subscribers, who have now received their 15th and last email from your autoresponder and now you still have those 100 subscribers just sitting there who haven't received an email for a few weeks now.
What would you do?
Do a daily/weekly video update?
Send them other income stream opportunites?
Your comments and feed back please.
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    A lot of people will disagree with me, but I hate autoresponder series. I prefer to send out 2-3 emails a month that I write just before sending them out. That way they're able to include current events and things that my readers may find interesting that are going on right now, not 1-2 years ago when the series was setup.

    For my largest list, I only send out 2 emails per month, and they coincide for when I update the site. I tell the readers what's just been added or changed, and then I'll throw in a little something about whatever I'm doing that's relevant to them. The results are good and traffic comes flying into the site at the same time, so I'm happy.

    -- j

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    I would try to re-engage my list by providing the best information I can, if you over deliver then I doubt they will be considering the unsubscribe link.

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    Continue to offer them value. That can be information or something for sale. As long as it has value to them they will appreciate it.

    If you stop sending them messages, then they're not really on your list, if you follow.

    All the best,

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    This tactic may vary from who you get to ask some prefer at least 2-3 mail per week while others prefer 1 per week. Whichever way you prefer it be sure to provide your subscribers great, relevant and some freebies or even some useful stuff they could look forward to. Wish you all the best!
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    Do like the Guru's do and move them to your twice a day offer email list

    Send one in the morning and then send another one at night

    Good luck

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    I would interact with them personally in one of the following ways:

    - ask if they had problems with the info they received in the previous emails
    - ask them if they need any help - offering to respond personal to one IM question they may have.

    Both approach have advantages. The first one may help you adjust your current autoresponder series. The second can help you create a stronger bond with your subscribers (even if it requires more work) and can also give you many ideas about new products your subscribers need.

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    Melvin, were your subscribers responsive? i.e did you make money from your list?

    If you did, then I would be cooling them off, offering them a bunch of free stuff and content and then start again sprinkling in paid offers.
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    Never send two emails a day unless you have a strong rep and offer major value. I drop anyone who sends more than 3 or 4 emails a week. 1 email is marketing, 5-7 is spam in my book.

    Find something cool, another HIGH quality series or a product that you have examined and can offer for an affiliate commission. Wait to find a winner, don't send crap or your rep will be same.
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    Don't worry about the time you sent out the last e-mail... just continue where you left off.

    Unless you've got incredibly observant subscribers, they probably won't even realize you haven't e-mailed them in a while :p Most people are subscribed to so many websites these days... it's crazy!

    - Trevor
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