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Hello Guys,

I want ask to you all. how to get a good domain? I mean, if I want buy some domain, how to list or check it. so, I get a good domain.

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    Go to domain registrar of your choice
    Type the desired name you want into the domain search field
    Choose a TLD (top level domain - .com/.org/.biz/.de etc)
    Hit GO/SEARCH (whatever)
    Is the domain available? Great, buy it
    Is it not available? To bad

    Isn't that easy?
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    Yeah you can pretty much go to GoDaddy.com and just type in what you want and away you go.

    What is it exactly you want to do with your domain? Are you planning on building your own blog, affiliate site, review site etc....

    I can certainly help you with lots of FREE information just take a look at the offers below and you will get weekly Emails regarding building an online business that go into every little detail like: Domain names etc.

    Going up to the more advanced stuff too.

    hopw this has helped you in any way Dealova & all the best with your online ventures!
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    As others have said.

    Just go to the registrar and pick one - it will tell you whether or not it is available.

    If you are talking about ideas I normally have a look around the niche at what others are doing and try and come up with something more catchy.

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    Hi Dealova,

    I think I know where you are coming from...

    You need to go to Google and search for keywords first. You need to play around with the best wording for your niche so you stand a good chance to be found in Search Engines.

    If it helps, I did a video on this topic... you can watch it if you like in YouTube.com



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    You can follow this steps to get a good domain name:

    Your Domain Name should be attractive & Eye Catchy

    Easy to remember

    If your domain is a Keyword Rich domain, then much better for SEO

    Suggests the nature of your product/service/business

    Serves as a strong trademark so competitors won't be able to use a business name or domain name similar to it
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    • Do some brainstorming and make a list of keywords related to the topic you are interested in. Try to include these terms in your domain name. Use a domain registrar to see which options are available.
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    Your domain should be easy to remember and catchy. It should be simple and I would recommend a .com or .co.uk domain. If you have hosting, I recommend you change it to godaddy's and they will do it for you. If you don't, you could search on google but don't buy too quickly, because it could turn out to be fake or not very good so check the reviews first.
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    Check out any domain registrar, such as GoDadday, HostGator or NameCheap.
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    You can check using this free tool, which will check .com .net and .org simultaneously (those are the best 3) :-

    Domain Name Search

    that will give you a good idea if a domain is free, although it's not 100% accurate. Once you've found a good domain (and a spare or two in case your first choice is already taken), you can sign-up with that domain for a new hosting account (PM me if you want my best advice on which host to choose).

    Or if you've already got hosting, you can usually check for new domains to buy, using cPanel / Domain-manager (which on mine comes up as the second tab along).

    Hope that helps

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    Thank for you all information..............
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    I don't exactly know what you mean lol but it sounds like you're going to be searching for a domain. Here's a tool that will help you out. instantdomainsearch.com

    This site will tell you if a domain is available instantly rather than having to search again and again at your domain register (which takes forever)

    Good luck!
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    Whatever your niche is, make sure your domain name/URL contains your main keyword phrase that you want to optimize around.
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