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I have a very disturbing question to ask.

I run a blog that deals on income related tips. I want to know if it is ok to also write about other things like Technology on the same blog.

Is this allowed?

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      Originally Posted by fedor50 View Post

      sure its allowed.its your it professional? not really.youre best off making a separate blog for that topic
      Sometimes maintaining multiple blogs is not easy.
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        Originally Posted by Okoji View Post

        Sometimes maintaining multiple blogs is not easy.
        It wouldn't be much different from maintaining the three websites you have in your signature. Assuming you have readers, what benefit would they receive from suddenly seeing a bunch of tech articles? They came to your site to get income tips, not technology advice.
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    I would think this is not a good idea at all. You would start to look like a generalist which is bad positioning.

    Don't try to be all things to all people. If you want to make money, then being a specialist and expert is the best idea.

    If you want to run a non-profit blog and passion blog or "your life" blog, then you can give it a try, but probably the blog won't earn you any money.

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    Sure, it's allowed. No one is going to stop you. BUT your readers might stop coming to your blog if they're not getting what they want.

    Let's imagine you go to Red Lobster tonight because you have a craving for -- yes, you guessed it -- lobster. Except when you get there, you find out they've taken all the seafood off the menu. Your choices are burgers and steaks.

    But you came for lobster. You wanted lobster, dang it!

    So you'd be pissed, no doubt. And you probably wouldn't go back to that particular restaurant again.

    Same thing might happen with your blog. Your readers are coming for something specific. If you suddenly change the menu on them, they're going to be upset.

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    Originally Posted by Okoji View Post

    I have a very disturbing question to ask.

    I run a blog that deals on income related tips. I want to know if it is ok to also write about other things like Technology on the same blog. Is this allowed?
    I've read this over several times, and I'm trying to find the part that's disturbing. I don't see anything about genocide or clown dolls or Joe "The Almighty" Robinson escaping his captivity and being unleashed on the world again, so this question doesn't come close to qualifying as being disturbing.

    You've already got a few good answers advising you not to do this, but I'm going to tell you that you should do it. They key is going to be in how you do it. You can go to the WSJ and NYTimes and find several examples of tech trends that could produce good income tips, keeping them relevant to your site yet expanding on what you're offering. This may bring in more users without alienating the users that you already have.

    -- j

    Posting About Life & Video Games:

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    I agree with Jarycu the think you can include technology related content if it also provides something of benefit for people looking to get income related tips.

    However if you are just going to post random technology articles then I do not think it is a good idea. I think all blogs should have a theme and stick to it, this is the identity of the blog, diluting the identity with unrelated content makes for a poor user experience in my opinion.

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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    Going by all you have said, if I want a tech blog, I should create one.!

    Is this correct?
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    I agree with creating another, separate blog. You can always promote it in the first one -- giving you a little built in audience that already likes what you have to say. Give your loyal followers the option of visiting your new site, but don't disappoint them with unrelated content on your existing blog...

    Need top quality niche content to keep readers coming back for more? I'll provide 100% original, magazine quality content so you can focus on what you do best!
    PM for samples and rates.

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    A seperate blog is a good idea, though if the technology assists in some way with income (which it certainly can) then yes it may be a good thing to place on the site.
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    My advice is better to create separate site for all your Keywords.
    I don't think it is very difficult to handle multiple sites because the only posting time you need extra all other things like research and writing article will be same.

    Also just think about it you have site.
    moneymakingtips . com
    People comes from Google search and they got first article
    "Microsoft launched surface" :p

    How it leave impression on that user?? he will surely close this site at a time.

    So better go with different sites.
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    you can do everything according to your wish , because you are the owner of the blog .

    But I have some suggestion for you :
    "Every thing has two sides both positive and negative ,if you do that then the result is blog will lose it's professional look but it can bring some extra client who love technology,
    on the other hand i you don't do that then you can increase other facility according to your choice."
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    Lots of tech products cross over and have financial applications. If you can tie the two together then go ahead. If you plan to turn your financial site into a tech product review site it would be best to start a new site.
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    I agree with what everyone else has already said. You shouldn't discuss two completely different topics in one blog.

    But there are ways to combine the two. Such as discussing the best software for tracking personal expenses or the price of stocks. If you're telling your readers how to use technology to improve their finances then it makes sense.

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