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If you had a $1,000/Month Internet Marketing Budget, what do you think the best/most sensible/easiest to execute/most profitable strategy would be?

This includes: buying new domains, all SEO, link-building, outsourcing, etc. EVERYTHING.

Assume that you are starting from Square 1 and have no software, existing sites, etc.

How would you go about building your business, expanding it and monetizing it? What kid of sites would you start? What software is essential? How would you begin earning money?

Please be as detailed as possible.

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    I would use it to build an authority presence in a niche that I already know is popular from my previous amazon mini sites.

    At least half on finding some really good, really knowledgeable writers on the subject - probably closer to 75% of that money would be spent on excellent content actually.

    Use the rest to build up a facebook fanbase following after split testing a bunch of FB ads.
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    $1000/month budget is enough for starting up a small online business.

    There is no best/most sensible/easiest to execute/most profitable strategy. If you are new to internet marketing, it is too bad that you cannot make it successfully in a short time frame.

    There will be no one that kind enough to guide you. This is cruel but it is true.
    I spent a lot initiately and hoped that i would get some help from those so-called gurus. But they only showed me the things which can be easily available on internet.

    You need to try different methods until you find something which works for you.

    To me (since i already have experience), what i need for an start up is as follow:
    - $12/month for a unlimited domain registration webhosting.
    - $8/year for domain (i would buy a few of them, let's say 5 domains).
    - Get a freelance to write eBook or articles for your topic(s) for about $200.
    - Use free tools like Wordpress template for your website.
    - Do marketing with free methods (facebook, youtube, article submission, forum marketin etc) to get traffic and to get ranked in major search engines.
    - Spend some money for ads and backlink (about $200).
    - Link all the monetizing tools for free (Google adsense, affliates for electronic products, affiliates for physical products).

    My cost will be:
    - Webhosting: $12/month x 12 = $144
    - Domain: $8/domain x 5 domains = $40
    - Freelance articles or ebook: $200
    - Wordpress: FREE
    - Marketing with free methods: FREE
    - Ads & backlink: $200
    - Monetizing tools: FREE
    TOTAL COST: $144 + $40 + $200 + $200 = $584

    I will be spending about $584 for my business which starts from zero. It will soon up and run and generate decent income if you use the correct methods.

    Hint: Go to my signature.

    Hope this information will give you some general ideas about how much you need to spend. But it is not gurantee that newbies can do what i said.
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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      Originally Posted by Alexyew View Post

      My cost will be:
      - Webhosting: $12/month x 12 = $144
      - Domain: $8/domain x 5 domains = $40
      - Freelance articles or ebook: $200
      - Wordpress: FREE
      - Marketing with free methods: FREE
      - Ads & backlink: $200
      - Monetizing tools: FREE
      TOTAL COST: $144 + $40 + $200 + $200 = $584
      Great calculation by Alexyew..i like it.

      @Knowledge Kick - you have such a good budget for start up.
      My advise to invest like following
      10% - domain (you will get atleast 10 domains)
      10% - hosting (Bluehost give you yr hosting to host your all domains)
      50% - site development and content
      30% - On SEO an other marketing.
      This idea if you are looking for earning from Adsense. If one sites will earn $20-$30/Month though you will get all back money in 4-5 months.

      If you are building any other business then it will be different.
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    $1000 a month budget is a nice start up for any company or business - there are absolutely thousands of business models you could capitalise on.

    In truth, you have to select a business which is suited to you as a person, if it is your very first business.

    There are way too many factors involved for somebody to answer this question sincerely without writing a book on the topic - a book of a few volumes - if they are knowledgable.

    First and foremost you must realise, that only a fool would give you their entire business strategy for free - in complete and total honesty, it is understandable that perhaps you are studying to start up your own business, or perhaps you are looking to gain content for your own book, and I'm not knocking what you are doing - however you have to understand the sheer ammount of options available to you.

    The biggest secret and number one hurdle when it comes to business of any kind, offline and online, is the secret that firstly: it's easy, anybody can do it (if your smart and apply sincere effort) and secondly: there is an immense ammount of opportunitys in all walks of business, everything you'll ever need, right under your nose and all arround you.

    Once you realise this, set your plan, gain some understanding and self-belief, and get out to working on it, not letting anybody may you stray or hold you back - you can make a success of almost any sensible business idea.

    So the questions are to be asked of yourself more than of other people:

    1) Why do you want to do business online, why not offline? Why not invest your $1000 in a Ice Cream Van and some stock and start making money? Why not invest your $1000 in some cleaning equipment and a basic small-business start-up manual, and get out there gaining contracts and making money?

    2) What area of Online Business do you want to enter into?

    Because there are numerous that are profitable if you put the work in, and many are not profitable for many people because they don't fully understand the "game" as it were.

    For example: eBook writing - it can and is very profitable for some. Others can't make a penny with it.

    A few years ago I profited £800 (gbp) in 24 hours writing a simple WSO - (a lot has happened since then) - however I also know others who have put a lot more work into a ebook and sold it over other mediums like Clickbank and didn't make a penny.

    Therefore - it depends on a lot of variable factors.

    However, if you are good at researching and presenting information - writing ebooks and selling them both yourself and via affiliates is profitable.

    If you are good at webdesign then designing websites, minisites, and wordpresses for both IMer's, Warrior's and Offline businesses is profitable.

    If you are good at marketing and advertising, presentation and retail, then opening an online store or outlet for many different niches, is profitable.

    Just my 2 cents,
    I'm sorry time does not permit me to give a more in-depth answer,

    Abdullah Isa
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    Thanks for the input guys. I'm actually not a total beginner. Have a couple small projects in the works.

    Anyone else want to jump in and say what their plan would be?!
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    I would start with just buying re seller hosting and then sell web design or SEO.

    Make the sales and outsource if you have no idea how to make it. Why spend the money if you don't need to? You can start this business with a $20 a month cost and it can be very profitable.

    THOUGH - always test your outsourced services first, you don't want to have a terrible reputation or even worse waste the clients money.
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