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by AGP
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Have got a premium wordpress theme in a .zip file on my desk top. Have tried to load it onto my dashboard. Tried uploading it through the upload feature on wordpress, it started took forever then said that it had failed.

Have hostgator hosting, is there a better way of doing it. Could do with a step by step instructions, Please do not think any suggestion is too obvious because I really don't have a clue!

Thanks in advance.
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    Try unzipping it and then ftping it to wp-content/themes. (I use Filezilla)

    Or try uploading it via File Manager in cpanel (if you have it) which, I think, has a facility for allowing you to upload zip files
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    Try opening the .zip files and see what's inside. Some themes have some additional files into them (such as .psd) and you have to remove them.

    For example, if your theme name is HotFire, then the creator might create a HotFire.zip file which contains a folder called HotFire and PSD.

    Remove the PSD folder. Make sure there is only one folder inside the zip file when you are uploading the file.

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    As an alternative to uploading it in Wordpress, you can unzip it and upload the unzipped theme manually into the themes folder on your web space.

    Then just go into Wordpress and activate the theme.

    After you unzip, make sure that you only upload the folder containing the theme files. Unzipping usually puts the unzipped folder within another folder. You don't want to upload a nested folder, (if that makes any sense?)
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    Thanks for the info guys, have now managed to upload the theme. Did it from the file manager in cpanel
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    An FTP will work much faster and more reliably than an upload, for big files, although I doubt a WP Theme should be very big.

    Each host will have different details on how to FTP, but it's an essential thing to do, so the info will almost certainly be there on how to do it. On my host (BlueHost) it's one of the items in cPanel to setup FTP to the server, using one of the popular free FTP clients (I use Filezilla), and there's help files telling you exactly how to do it. Sometimes you can only FTP up to a specific folder, but that's fine, because then just drag and drop it (or use the "move file" action) to move it to where it needs to be such as the root directory of your domain.

    Hope that helps

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