Can you use internet marketing to sell $10k+ B2B training products to companies?

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Hi there

I've been selling a B2C training course over the internet for a few years now (using long sales letters, autoresponders, offers, etc)... and as I've got to grips with internet marketing, I've learnt that so much of selling this way is about emotion.

Now I've developed at new CD based leadership training programme for companies, and I'm interested in your feedback on whether the same internet marketing techniques work for selling B2B.

Can you sell at $10k+ training programme to regular companies using the techniques which are talked about in this forum?

I recently sold my new employee training programme to individual managers (, but I want to sell 'Site Licences' of the same course to companies.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Many thanks, Richard
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    I feel like most of the info on this forum is geared more towards the B2C market. While some techniques would definitely still work for B2B, it can be a tough market to crack, depending on the size of the company you're going after.

    Chris Wight

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