What's landing page and squeeze page?

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I've just bought a seo service to increase the traffic on my site. I want to focus on this link:

Promote your Product or Service Online with Unique Moondancing Videos

Because my site is just a blog with various and even nonsense content. So I just ask the service provider to focus SEO on that link.
Is it a landing page or squeeze page? What's the difference?
Is it ok that I only focus SEO on this page, not the whole site (tumichael.com)?
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    A landing page is your home page or sales page. The main place you're directing people to... where you want them to land.

    A squeeze page has once purpose: to squeeze them into your opt-in funnel. Sometimes there's a video, text, generally it's very brief and to the point, all focusing on having them opt-in for a free report or a similar "good" reason to fork their email address over.
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    Landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement.
    For example: eBay ads about Macbook Pro.
    People who click the ads will come to specific page "ebay Macbook Pro page" and not eBay homepage.

    Squeeze page is a single web page that have function to capture visitor's emails..
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    Landing page can be just a sign up box which you may get some freezes after signing up. (Refer to my signature).

    Squeeze page is a one page site which provide information related to certain topics and attract people to either purchase something or to sign up.
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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    thank u all so it means the link
    Promote your Product or Service Online with Unique Moondancing Videos
    is neither landing page nor squeeze page but a normal blog page rite?
    is it still ok to focus SEO on it?

    in order to create a squeeze page/landing page, should i build a separate domain just to build it?
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    There are some terminology issues going on.

    A landing page is any page on your website that a visitor 'lands' on when they click on an external link.

    A squeeze page is a page that is specifically intended to capture a visitor's name and email address. It typically has an autoresponder form on it, plus any combination of text, images or video.

    A squeeze page can be a landing page if it is the page that someone first reaches when they have clicked on a link leading to your site.

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