I need some advice I am new here.

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I have wanted to get into internet marketing for years but I don't know where to start. There is so much hype buy this buy that. Where do you start and how much will it REALLY cost to start making money. Can someone please advise me what to do. Thanks for your help.
LE Morse.
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    Originally Posted by L E Morse View Post

    I have wanted to get into internet marketing for years but I don't know where to start. There is so much hype buy this buy that. Where do you start and how much will it REALLY cost to start making money. Can someone please advise me what to do. Thanks for your help.
    LE Morse.
    You need to think of something new, something that gets that wow factor...or take an existing idea and make it better.

    You will find alot of "Gurus" selling rehashed ideas that only make you a small fish in a big pond, don't pay out the the big buck to make them rich

    Personally I have never spent a cent on "Guru" programs or advertisting.. with enough smarts and some good research on this forum you can avoid wasting money
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    The best thing is that you can start Internet Marketing for free. The main thing is that you choose a path, eg: affiliate marketing, Adsense, Mobile Marketing etc and stick at it.

    Don't get distracted by all the "amazing" offers that coming flying into your mailbox every day.

    Work hard and treat it like a real job.
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    Find what you are best at, test out a few things, and find out what works! It will take some time, but once you get success, run with it!
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      It's the best thing do not buy any thing for internet marketing. You can use Google Adwords for your keyword and business promotion other than that do go for any software buy.
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    Look for a method that works well for you and scale it.
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    The free way into this business is very slow. People give this crappy advice, but fail to address the problem as to why the failure rate is so high in this industry. My advice is to avoid the free approach like the plague, at least the SEO route anyway.

    You should learn what you can about free traffic, but to spend the next year or so trying to succeed with free strategies is simply not the most effective way to make money online. Investing in your business is MUST... period. Either that investment is paid through "time" or "money," which do value most at this particular stage?

    I would much rather go out and clean toilets to get some cash to invest, rather than sitting at a computer all day long implementing free methods. The fact is, motivation runs out very quickly when you see little results from your efforts, and that is the reason most give up.

    You need to leverage the expertise of someone who has been there before and made all the mistakes. You need to find a system that works, and implement it to the letter. You need to find a quality coaching program, or a mentor.

    Anyone who has taken the free route and tells you to do the same, never mention how long it took them to achieve success. You will have to put hard work in no matter what, but to just jump online and begin to implement free methods to make money will surely lead to information overload. You will see little return for your efforts and most likely will begin jumping from one strategy to the next in the hope f getting results quicker.

    I really dislike people advising new marketers to just pick something and stick with it. Statistics prove this advice is flawed, simply because most people will not stick to one method until they master it. That's just human nature. We want instant results, and in my opinion, the only way to achieve this is to leverage the expertise of someone who has been there and done it before.

    Let's say you want to build a list. Many people on here will tell you to do article, social, video marketing etc, but the time it would take you to get leads this way is going to take a lot of time. Now, if you paid for this traffic you would see results in a fraction of that time. So the question is how much you value your time.

    I spent at least a year taking the free route and almost quit like so many before me do. The day I found a coaching program and invested cash into my online business was the day everything changed for me. I learned more in just a few short weeks from a mentor than i did from working for a full year doing it myself. It's very easy for others to tell you that money can be made online for free (and it can) but the failure rate is much, much higher taking this approach. As i said, the stats speak for themselves.

    If money is tight, go get a job. If you are not willing to sacrifice, you have a limited mindset. If you think it's wise to do it alone by implementing conflicting advice from many different marketers (which is exactly what you will get if you take the above advice) then best of luck. You will need a lot of motivation because in this day and age, it can be very difficult to rise above the noise.

    Anyone can make money online by implementing free methods, but not many people do, that's just a plain fact.

    Time is not money, but money will definitely shorten the time frame in which it takes to achieve results. Do your homework first, then decide the price you're willing to pay for your success.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    When I first got here, I understood little about how these things work.
    My advice is to take your time, read a lot, listen to what the others tell you and be optimistic.
    I am sure you will do just fine in a short time!

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    Internet marketing is a business...there are some things you may be able to make some money with that are free, but just like any other "typical" business there are usually some upfront cost to get started making money...especially online...steer clear of anything that claims they can make you a ton of money over night, or on auto pilot with little effort...anything you make online is going to take effort and work especially in the beginning!

    Think about it like this...if you're involved in something that requires no initial investment what's the chances of you working hard to make money with it? For most people it's not very good...there may be some real go-getters out there that make the best of free opportunities, but if you invest into a business you're more likely to work hard and earn, at the least, your investment back...good luck to you!
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    If you have your own product, sell it to your market as an affiliate. Otherwise, create and sell your own products to that market. In addition, do article marketing and use social networking to promote your product.
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    Based on my experience you need to learn IM from both source Free and paid, get all the IM techniques out there and when you think you find technique that fits you-stop looking for other technique and 100% focus to put it into action, if you feel eventually that one is not giving the result you want, take another technique and put it into action until you get the result you want. Good Luck!
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    Start studying IM, educate yourself so you know the difference between something of value and what isn't.

    Get a mentor, friend, or anyone with knowledge who can help you along. TAKE ACTION
    and never stop building and nurturing your list.

    Good luck on your journey, I wish you all the best!
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    Learn how to do free marketing, then use paid marketing. If you don't know how to make money for free, you probably wont be able to make money WITH money either.

    If you happen to get sales... put them into your backend selling cycle, and continue to market to them over and over again. This is where your business income is.
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    The smart folks will tell you "don't get distracted".

    The geniuses will tell you "don't even allow yourself to get distracted".
    You absolutely NEED to see the difference between those 2 statements.

    "Don't get distracted" means "think about not getting distracted up untill the point you DO become distracted, then forget you were even trying".

    NOT ALLOWING YOURSELF TO GET DISTRACTED means "don't even go to places where distraction can occur". Like WF for instance. I can't tell you how many times I've told myself "I'm just going on WF for 30 mins, asking ONE question and leaving... I will NOT get distracted".

    Then I come upon a thread titled "How I made $4,000 in 3 days" and I forget what I even came here for.

    Then I read through the thread and start day dreaming. Then I search other topics similar to the thread. Then I look for reasons why it will fail... then reasons it will succeed. But what I'm really doing is WASTING TIME.

    One of humans biggest advantages in life is the ABILITY TO DREAM. It motivates us, inspires us, it keeps a smile on our face.

    But the paradox is our LARGEST VULNERABILITY is the same exact thing.. our dreams can and OFTEN DO paralyze us. We build them up so big in our heads its no wonder so many people can't even get started. They're so tremendously afraid of failure.

    As a newbie, the MOST IMPORTANT virtue you have is your ability to FOCUS. You must nurture and develop that skill more than any other skill I can think of.

    You won't have a boss telling you "you're spending too much time online" or "you really need to be doing x instead of y" so you NEED to have an observing ego that parallels some of the most brilliant people in this world. People who are 100% results driven in everything they do.

    Jim Rohn is one of the best people I can recommend for getting yourself focused. I usually watch him after spending too much time on WF (weird huh? lol) Heres one of my favorite videos from him:

    If you are not measuring results on a daily basis then you are NOT producing results. You need a plan, you need focus, and you need the discipline to follow through on that plan. Everyone has their ratio for how much time you should spend reading vs applying. But there so SO MANY THINGS you can NOT learn just by reading about. Especially marketing. You NEED application, you will learn so much more in the process too.

    Its almost like learning to speak a new language. How many people can learn a language just by reading a translation dictionary? I'm sure some people can, but I'd think its an extreme minority. You learn a language FAST when you step into an environment USING that language and make a FOOL of yourself trying to apply it. Its the same exact thing for marketing. If you're not failing, if you're not making a fool of yourself, you're not even trying imo.

    Good luck! -Red
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    FOCUS! Start on one thing and take it slow and steady. As slow and steady wins the internet marketing race, better to make $10/day for 100 days than 1,000 one day and never again.

    Also depends how much time you have and what you actually want to do, if you don't mind writing then write articles/content. You will also gain knowledge about many subjects this way too, one of the reasons I love doing it.
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