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I was just wondering about this:

What if you come up with many different gigs from photoshop work to pdf conversion and set it up all nicely.. Will there be a potential to make a little money or should you not even bother anymore coz of the competition..

I'm not necessarily talking about creating "new" gigs just pretty much offering the same things that are offered for all the good things are already being offered..

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    My opinion is dividing into small and specific gigs. For example: making an ebook cover, retouch the photo with PTS, create a FB timeline. All-in-one service may confuse buyers.
    Check out my Fiverr profile, you will see my main Moondancing gig is divided into smaller gigs and there has been buyers ordered them too
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    Find out who the top people are on Fiverr who are in your niche, and do it better....
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  • Fiverr recently came out with a marketing campaign aimed at college graduates, suggesting they freelance on Fiverr instead of trying to find a real job. You can check out their snazzy infographic here:


    To answer your question, I came up with 4,478 Photoshop gigs. 3,442 pdf gigs.

    You will be competing against Featured sellers, who get front page placement, and against everyone else who has some age and history to their gig. You start at the back of the line.

    TuMichael has a point about segmenting the work, but you have to realize that he draws attention because of the Michael Jackson thing. There are few MJ impersonators on Fiverr. One, actually. There's a cross-selling effect that bleeds over to his other gigs.

    Unless you have a solid plan for spending money to relentlessly promote yourself, following the herd is not a course of action I'd advise.

    Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
    Love microjobs? Work when you want and get paid in cash the same day!
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    Fiverr is saturated i think. You need to promote yourself outside to make it work..Its very diff nowadays..Those who started earlier were lucky
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    There will be a lot of competition on there but it should not be too hard to stand out with a bit of creativity.

    A video will help stand out from the rest. Especially one of you speaking directly into the camera to build up trust.

    And just finishing the task quickly (offering the express 24hr delivery option) and being good with the communications should keep people coming back and hopefully the momentum will start to pick up when the positive testimonials start to come in.
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    Remember that if you want to eliminate your competitors then the best way to create a lot of accounts and offer the same type of gigs with attractive titles. Nothing else. It will save your ass definitely.
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