Paypal alternatives for affiliates? PLEASE HELP ME

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Due the many sales (30 000 +) in three days paypal limited my account so now I cannot pay to my affiliates. I need a affiliate network like digiresults or Jvzoo but with the option of other payment processor like 2checkout or other.

Please I need help because my business is going down. Now if you try to purchase my software paypal display this message "This recipient is currently unable to receive money."
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    Hey sorry to hear about that. You probably have contacted paypal already about this, what have they said? How long will it take for you to get unfrozen?

    What some people tend to do is inform paypal that you are expecting a bucket load of cash soon and that "sometimes" stop them from limiting your account.

    Hope you get your cash soon.
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    You can see if skrill of moneybooker will be of help to you.
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      Yes I already have moneybooker but I need a affiliate network that support this payment processor. For example warriorplus support only paypal, digiresults support only paypal etc.
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      You can see if skrill of moneybooker will be of help to you.
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    Did you give Alertpay or Payza ?

    I would say look for these sites if they accept other option than PayPal. If not get in touch with them as I am sure they can help you with another option
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    Thats the worst thing to happen for paypal users. I hope you get your cash soon
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    Call Paypal and ask for the highest up person that you can get on the phone. Then explain what your business is to them, and get their email. If you have a business plan, business license, anything like that... send it to them.

    This will help!
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    making 30K sales in three days and you are still depending on paypal? why dont you think of having your own payment processor with your own payment terms and take complete control of your business?

    Check out your skype contacts and they are sure to have their own payment processor and can help you, may be im little to answer you now
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    Did you call paypal. I'm sure you can work it out with them. Don't email them. Call them

    Karma is sweet :)
    The only way to succeed is to make others successful.

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    Tim Atkinson just did a big launch for FB Ad Clone on The #1 Affiliate and Seller Marketplace - Clicksure.

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    Paypal sux big time. happened with me as well
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    The problem is that all affiliates networks work with Paypal so the affiliates cannot promote my software.
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    I'd suggest you to go with Clickbank, they auto handle all the transactions and pay affiliates automatically.
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    I think Clickbank would be a good option, how about PayDotCom? I bought the Fast Member plugin and i think you can use that plugin to have your own affiliate program. It have an option to pay affiliates commission percentage and time of payment. You might want to contact the seller to get further details as i haven't really use, just checking out the settings.

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    Wow, that really puts a bad feeling in my stomach hearing that, especially, since PayDotCom uses Paypal directly, also Digiresults uses, which I'm considering.

    I heard these horror stories before. Keep us posted, because I haven't heard how anyone received their money or got their account "unfrozen".

    I just got approved for Clickbank, after weeks of going back and forth, jumping through their hoops. So, we'll see how they do.

    Thanks for update!
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