Is this a good niche?

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So I have this site ready to launch, its a site selling several how-to books about casinos. They are good quality, and fairly priced. I was thinking of marketing them to my list with the tagline "Make your local casino your personal atm!" . Would this be a competitive niche? And anything i should know before i launch the site?
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    Any niche where there are paying customers is usually a competitive niche. Your job is to identify a need in that niche that isn't being met and offer up a solution. If you can do that, the money will follow.Don't chase money, let money chase you
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    I would think you researched the niche before you had your site ready to launch!

    The casino/gambling/sports betting niche is very profitable. It's a huge industry and in short, people are generally willing to spend money to make money. the gambling niche gives people the chance to make money. Just concentrate on quality and try to either fill a void, solve a problem, or provide a better product/service than our competitors.
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    I agree with fedor, you must first identify the needs and want, problems and interests in your niche. You must do quality market research.

    Only then can you create a good offer to sell. Otherwise you're doing it conversely.

    All best,
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    You should run a quick PPC test to see if the market is responsive. Set up a squeeze page, and see if you can get alot of leads. If you can, see if you can milk the niche for money. If you can, create or find backend products, and promote your site HARD.
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      Thanks. And your right i should do more research. I believe i will try a ppc stint with a free product.
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    I've had friends that have been in that niche, there's definitely a lot of buyers and a lot of competition for them. However if you can really get a hook out there that is new or different I'm sure you can get some of customers to call your own. It's really going to be about looking at your competition and being better, but that can really be applied to all markets.
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    As long as you are comfortable working with that niche and know how to creatively market it then it's definitely going to be a good niche.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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      Originally Posted by JustinDupre View Post

      As long as you are comfortable working with that niche
      Be aware also that "gambling" niches are banned from a lot of online services. You will be excluded from a lot of good resources i.e. - youtube.
      Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
      All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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        Originally Posted by RogueOne View Post

        Be aware also that "gambling" niches are banned from a lot of online services. You will be excluded from a lot of good resources i.e. - youtube.
        This. And where you do get it published, you are bound to draw the wrong kinds of attention. Assuming your "strategies" actually work.
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      Looking for a great niche involves uncovering a need people are looking online to be fulfilled. It doesn't mean that you have to search for niches that no one has discovered before, which is often most people get confused.

      If you are able to find a niche that no one is marketing in, and do well in it, you monopolize the whole online market. For some people, they prefer to look at niches where money is being spent, and where they know they can make a webpage that will out do the competition on some level.

      Just make sure that your webpage is better than others, and look for weaknesses in the main player web pages.
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    Why would you go in niche where you dont know your market? Firstly research your market and keywords then think if it will be profitable. Educate your self and learn how to do it. You will not always have near someone who will tell you if this niche is bad or good. Don`t be lazy. get your ass up and do some research.
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    You must enter this niche knowing that you will be blocked at every step of the way (PPC, directories, articles, social networks, ebook directories, etc...

    You will need to be very creative about how to get traffic to your site...may have to go offline, certainly forge some joint ventures/affiliate relationships. If you are ok with all of this and you have something real to contribute to the field, then go for it.

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    don't think it will work
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    Do you have enough knowledge and are passionate about the niche you enter?

    Then any niche is a good niche in long term.. Sometimes based on your passion and knowledge you can even create one.

    Entering niche with no passion or knowledge can get wiped off on any single Google update...

    Think about this while entering a niche...

    Jay venka
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    Yes, that would fall into the gambling niche.

    It is competitive by nature but it should not stop you.

    However, there are many article directory sites who will not accept gambling related content so you will want to think outside the box for your SEO.

    You can also consider paid traffic as a traffic generation method.

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    it is a good and profitable niche to start with.

    if it is legal for your country, you can go ahead for this topic.
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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    Casino stuff seems to be way over saturated. You should check out Market Samurai. It helps me to narrow down niches.
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    Go for it. Gambling's pretty lucrative. As long as you got useful information there for your target market and you do your legwork, you should make a killing there.
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    I think, there is low competition for that, so if you offer good information It worth you try

    Good luck
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    All niches have potential. Work on promoting/building an e-mail list and you will be golden!
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    That is a classic niche that creates interest from the gambling crowd. There are a lot of those kind of people online, just target your site to those kind of sites with banner or link advertising to target your niche.

    No affiliate inks in signatures

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