Ill be on CBS News in the Morning!

by Tron2k
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Hi all I just had to let everyone know what happend to me today and why Ill be on the news,for those that dont know im an artist full time and tattoo artist.,Ive worked all over the country,working in LA and have tattooed many celebs including Lebron James,so I get this email this CBS director today stating she found my work online and would like to know if I would me willing to do and interview on the tattoos I did for Lebron,WOW..Hell Yea! So Ive been antsy all day! This is so cool, so anyways there coming to my shop tommorrow morning to record the interview,ill post up when it airs..

I owe alot to this forum. Ive learned to much on this forum its unbelieveable.And alot of great people ,once stuff calms down ill be doing to do a free WSO on what trick got me noticed by the news

my myspace page has a few photos.
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