Where do you find ideas for niche websites?

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Hello warriors!

I'm in a predicament where I can't think of any niche ideas. What websites/sources do you use to find your ideas?

Kyle Murphy
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    Amazon, eBay, Magazines.com, Craigslist. Those are the first places I check. After that, I go to Google and start randomly typing in letters until I find something interesting.

    -- j

    PS: I'm not joking. You'd be surprised what random letters can pull up.

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    The better idea is to visit Click Bank Market Place and find the product which has a very good gravity. And the keywords which you have to choose will be already available in the Sales Copy of that product.

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    Hey Kyle,

    Some good options include:

    - Amazon Bestsellers
    - eBay Pulse

    I often recommend that you also sit down and do a brain dump of your hobbies, interests, favorite products, etc. Then use that in conjunction with the sites mentioned above to see what's trending in the market today. Between doing a brain dump and reviewing the trending products from the sites mentioned above, hopefully something will strike a chord of interest for you.

    Hope this helps.

    Elizabeth Fee

    Elizabeth Fee
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    there are s many ways.... here is a blog post - free niche ideas which shows how you can get a ready made keyword researched niche every single day
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  • I have't started anything yet, but I think about topics of interest to me, and then I narrow them down. I want to choose something interesting to me, so I'll be more likely to stick with it. For example, I'm interested in travel, which is a broad topic, so now I'm thinking of more about narrowing it down. I used to teach English and my approach has been very similar to how I taught kids to choose writing topics.
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    Try the Yellow Pages of any major city. It's loaded with stuff you'd probably never think of on your own.
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    The first thing on my list when choosing a niche, is to choose one that people are already buying information products in. I think it's better to go where the money is (no matter if you think it's saturated or not). I have tried my hand at some off the wall niches, and only one of them I did very well in. The others were just a huge waste of time, energy, and resources. Amazon and Clickbank are the 2 places I always start at, then go from there.
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    Go to Flippa.

    It is a great place to find ideas.

    You can refer to the websites which sold at high price.
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