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How come making money on the internet seem so hard to do and other make it look so easy what i am really doing wrong, I need to make some money soo i can start a family. Someone out there please gave me some tips on doing it right way
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    Really it's not hard at all but you need to be methodical, test, track, make little improvements.

    Focus in just one method until you make it work.
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    Hi David,

    Making money online takes long hours at your desk, networking, list building and perseverance. You have definitely landed in an information melting pot here at the forum. Utilize the other members and the information available here. Not everything works for everybody, however any one can do it. Just remember it costs money to make money. Best of luck!

    Sara Nightingale
    Customer Service Edge LLC

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  • Everything new is hard, that is why we need to learn once you learn and understand it's easier.

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    I'd love to give you some tips, but to be honest, I think most people folloow the guidance that is in abundance here and elsewhere and eventually luck into something that works for them.

    You can easily follow blah blah's course to the letter and never make a dime. But some time later you can have a go at something different and with what you remembered from blah blah suddenly start making a few bucks.

    The key is trying your best to not give up. Easier said than done at times, but well worth the effort.
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    One tip i can offer you DavidOriolKing, is to not give up. I have tried many new online projects over the years and a lot of them have failed. But every now and then one will work. You have to have patience.

    Good luck with whatever you try.
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    I used to think exactly the same my friend, it took very long hours and many new skills but eventually it paid off, try to start with something you know, our first internet income came from what i knew about the building trade believe it or not, that little project still runs on autopilot today, we then had great success in the photography niche as my wife had knowledge in that niche, but over time we simply carried our new learnt skills into niches we knew nothing about.

    We now have people working for us all over the world, not all is automated, there is work with some of our niches, but still way better than any day job.

    My number one tip for you would be this.... Your online success will grow much quicker if you implement both online and offline techniques, just because you are in the online arena and everyone appears to be making it work, do not be afraid to utilize offline too, there are some very clever ways of driving mass traffic online using offline methods, you may not here that very often, but i believe it to be a little secret not everyone lets out of the bag !!

    All the very best to you

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    WOW thanks you guys for sharing cause i really understand some point here.
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    Hey David,

    Making money online comes down to:

    Traffic + Conversions.

    Traffic + Conversions = Money

    So ask yourself:

    1) How good are you at generating targeted/responsive traffic (traffic that has a good chance of being interested in your offer)

    2) How good are you at converting the traffic? How good is the salesletter you're promoting, how good is the product? How good is your followup? Are you following up on potential buyers? How big is your email list?

    Hope this helps and feel free to PM me.

    Good luck!
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    Hi David
    It is easy to get down about making money online and can be pretty frustrating especially if you suffer from information overload. What do you enjoy doing? What hobbies or passions do you have? Once you've made a list choose one and start a blog. Add good content as often as possible and as you do so add affiliate links to products and services which will help your readers. Find a couple of ways to drive traffic to your site and then keep to those methods and use them every day. Over a few weeks you will start to see results, make sure you have an optin box on the side of your blog with a free gift and then build a relationship with your readers who over time you can sell to.
    Good luck
    For more Internet Marketing Tips and to follow my IM journey go to my personal blog

    Let me help you achieve your dreams
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    you wana know the secret to making money online?

    stop focusing on making money and start focusing on delivering high quality information and value

    and then the money will start to come

    if you keep thinking "i need to make money, i need to make money" it will never happen for you

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      Originally Posted by paul nicholls View Post

      you wana know the secret to making money online?

      stop focusing on making money and start focusing on delivering high quality information and value

      and then the money will start to come

      if you keep thinking "i need to make money, i need to make money" it will never happen for you


      If you are focusing on ranking and making money, your visitors will see that and it will not do you any good. Find something you know a lot about and blog about it. Put Adsense up, share it on social media. Fast money online doesn't exist
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        You've also got to remember, that those who seem to be effortlessly making money online have had their fair share of struggles too. Or at least that's what I like to tell myself when I hit the wall of frustration

        Ultimately, it boils down to working at it - over and over and over again.
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    Hey, David.

    There is a lot of BS to cut through when you first start trying to make some online income. I used to be in your position. I always thought what am I doing wrong that everyone else seems to be doing right. The truth is there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. If I could start all over from scratch, I would build one single website pouring all of my effort and attention into it.

    You can make plenty of money from one single website. I wish I would have had someone to walk me through a proven method step-by-step. Sadly, the majority of people want to charge for this information. If you want to get started on the right foot, you can check out my free video course that I have put together. The very first course I have launched will take you step-by-step through creating a large, authoritive website and setting yourself up to start earning some serious money within six months.Good luck with whatever path you find, David.

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      There are some people who have made money easily on line. These fall into two groups.

      1. The lucky. There are some people who are in the right place at the right time and in fact did just get lucky. It is not usual but it happens.

      This is the guy who has a herd of cattle that he doesn't know what to do with and an army comes marching by and buys the whole herd at a premium price.

      Luck is a far bigger factor than many successful people realize.

      2. The criminal. In the online world people don't hold a literal gun to your head. But what is a criminal really? It is someone who gets something for nothing.

      Take a bank robber for example: A bank robber is someone who gets money without doing anything to earn it.

      How about someone with a slick promises but no delivery? Are they any different than a bank robber, in terms of something for nothing? No, they aren't.

      But since they don't have to go to the effort of producing a product of value, if they are able to entice the unwary to buy their "product," then they have bypassed much of the work of real marketing on their way to riches. And so in that regard they have made money easily.

      But if you are not in one of these two groups -- the lucky or the criminal -- you will not make money easily on line or anywhere else. The world does not work that way.

      Those who are successful -- particularly those who become successful by their own efforts in the business world -- do so by the intelligent application of effort.

      They work hard at it, oftentimes long hours, seven-day weeks and years of sometimes frustrating and always difficult effort. And then when you come across them, after they have it made, it all looks so easy. But it's not. It is the work that got them there.

      If you are willing to put in the time and effort and do so intelligently and make good use of your resources and do not quit you may be able to achieve the success you dream of as well.

      But if you wait for luck you will likely wait in vain. And if you turn to the ways of the criminal then you will enjoy what the criminal ultimately enjoys, a life of misery and pain.
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    You need to find the right information (you can do that on this forum), study it for a short time because if you do it too long, you get stuck on acquiring knowledge. Above all, you need to implement it. The greatest information in the world will not do you any good unless you implement it.
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    1) Sell on ebay.

    2) Learn copywriting

    3) Become a freelance article writer

    4) Sell an info product in a niche that you know alot about. Market it as usual
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    Are you trying to make money with the site listed in your signature file?

    If so, that's fine but you will have to do more. Don't believe anyone who says you can stick a banner here and there and a link over there and you'll make sales.

    People know they are being sold to. You have to butter them up first.
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    I really starting to love this fourm because am getting all the help i can get and the people are nice also.
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    Originally Posted by DavidOriolKing View Post

    How come making money on the internet seem so hard to do and other make it look so easy what i am really doing wrong, I need to make some money soo i can start a family. Someone out there please gave me some tips on doing it right way
    If making money in your business is hard, you're doing it wrong. touch base with me and i'll put you on the right track
    Web 2 Mobile
    The Future of The Web
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    The first thing you should do is not to take internet marketing as a quick way to earn money, this is a business and all business takes quite some time to build it's customer base, in your case it is your traffic. If you are on a tight budget, try online writing where you can earn a sum of money that you can use in building your website. The next thing you should keep in mind is to never stop learning but you should also not overdo it. Doing so will just confuse you with the different suggestions and strategies. I recomend a list that could keep track of your progress... this can be a trial and error phase where you can assess which technique would be really profitable for you. Last but not the least, do not take failure too deep, instead use it as a stepping stone to help you get on the right track.
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    The first question is: What are you doing exactly? So we can know if you are doing it right or not.

    If you already know what to do, looking and learning it from the internet is sooo much easy! You are just one click away from everything. I think what you need to do first and foremost is to decide. Make a decision, on what you really want to do. Sell of offer services? be the middle man of products or services. There's tons of it. You just need to be specific of your goals.
    GO. MOVE. Keep GOING! Even with the smallest steps and slower paces, the important thing is you are NOT STOPPING! You'll get there!
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    If you are low on funds (as I was when I got started) then look for free ways to promote your offers online.

    You can get some free PLR articles or a good PLR eBook on weight loss, dog training, etc. and then put your Clickbank affiliate link in there to a related product on Clickbank.

    Then offer your free ebook (with your aff link in it) to your Facebook contacts, Twitter followers, Myspace friends, on Craigslist and Backpage, Digg followers, etc.

    Spend about 3 hours or so promoting your free ebook this way and you should get some sales.

    Good luck !
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    Well, if you find that easy push button method, I, and a couple of million others, would like to know :-)
    Patience is probably one of the best things when starting in IM.

    And just doing it... Of course you need preparation, but too much thinking and not enough doing is guaranteed to make you no money at all.
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