Creative Content Rewriting System - August 2012 Survey

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RE: Creative Content Rewriting System - August 2012 Survey

Dear Warriors:

Do you think a new content rewriting system product would be worthwhile to you, the online industry, or anyone else who wants to have multiple variations of high quality handwritten content working throughout the web?

I am an excellent online author with many sites. I also write content for countless other website business owners in nearly 50 different niche markets.

Even in producing content for my own sites, lots of REALLY GOOD writing becomes necessary. Of course, one can pay each time he or she has a product or topic idea and have third-party outsource writers create a new piece for each campaign.

Yet, I propose this tool as a viable solution for those who:

-- Do not wish to PAY for EVERY time they come up with a new keyword, product, or service promotion idea;

-- Are sick and tired of the crappy junk text content which many authors are generating and submitting;

-- Lack the TIME to write, rewrite, and/or proofread their content; or

-- Lack the ability to write their own stuff.

I've taken the time to figure out English words which make true SENSE within any sentence context created.

The actual wait time after hitting the "process content" button is only SIX SECONDS.

However, in all reality and fairness, a much longer time needs to be in put by the author. This remains true because you must "decide" in advance whether the wording makes sense BEFORE spinning the text.

Junk in equals junk out. Yet, the opposite is also true. That is, when you take your time to plan the output of high quality content, then that is exactly what you get.

To summarize, my tool is not so much of a "time saver," as it is a "extremely reliable way of generating high quality new versions of your writings."

I have spent endless hours going through the English language and finding each word or set of words which, when utilized within this content processing system, will generate solid, readable sentences that remain highly worthwhile.

The creative content rewriting system also protects the Google keywords which you do NOT want to be altered.

It gives you the list, in advance, of the words which SHOULD be changed in order to make your content unique.

Additionally, the listing of new word choices has already been generated and will be included with the delivery of your system.

Continuing, you will also have full and complete ability to alter, substitute, erase, edit, change, delete, and add different or new words to your version of the program once you receive it.

Thus, you can customize or "train" your content rewriting system to use the TYPE of phrasing which reflects your brand signature plus relates to your targeted audience in the best ways.

Sorry for the long description. But, here is the bottom line.

This is a survey, to find out:

1. Should I continue with the completion of this project?

--- and/or ---

2. Would a system like this help you with your online task work and overall online business performance responsibilities?

What do you think?
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