One simple tip that once I started doing literally doubled my profits. It's fast and cheap to do

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I didn't do this the first 4 or 5 years and heard a speaker at one of the seminars I organized mention it and said that no one does it except him and shared why it's powerful.

In any case I decided to give it a try because it was cheap and easy to do. Also I wanted to test to see if anyone else would do and did 2 tests with about 80 people total and only 1 person did it, so people will not do this in general my guess is like less then 3% (and I think that is to high). This is good for you because if you do it, it's going to work because of this reason (no one does it).

In any case you will laugh because its simple and primitive and cheap to do and people have done this for hundreds of years!

So the best way to explain it to share how I do one.

I did a JV this week that was very very profitable for an Info Product the marketer sold to my list it was an expensive product. Normally I would just email a thank you. Well what I did today is wrote (me not my staff) a nice looking thank you card and mailed it. Now I know etc.. but I think no, if you make thousands of dollars on a JV it's better to take the 5 minutes to do the real thing NOT THE ONLINE and I do send out cards (I'm a rep) but not in this case, because what you want them to see that you took the time! That's the key, send out I use for other purposes.

Then I send it. The Amazing thing is I get called and thanked all the time for the card and I get better JV deals the next time most of the time! IT WORKS MOST OF THE TIME!

You might think Duh, we all know it, but do people do it? They don't and they won't, I can guarantee this alone will set you apart if you can be the rare person who does this simple thing. I still forget, but I try hard not to!

So that's the tip, If you can do it, consistently it will increase your income for sure!

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    At the risk of sounding ignorant, what is a JV?
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      Originally Posted by WarGasm View Post

      At the risk of sounding ignorant, what is a JV?
      Joint Venture (partner)
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      At the risk of sounding ignorant, what is a JV?
      Most of my JV's are live seminars or live/recorded webinars. The biggest money makers for me use to be the live seminars now are the selling webinars since I haven't been in the States for a while I have been traveling but i'm back now and just did the 3rd live seminar. But basically how it works you come to my seminar or webinar teach at the end offer continued education and I get a % of what you sell. It sounds complicated but it's not once you do a few.

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    Excellent advice as always, but people do not understand that hard work = success. Most are hoping for a fairy wand and some magic powers. Basically, the magic is you. Failure is very easy. Also, complaining and coming up with more excuses. That is not what we require. Stop playing the blame game. It is time to get to work and deliver your product or service.
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