A Lesson In Customer Care From Kim Standerline

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Kim has just taken a tough business decision but she has shown real consideration for her customers in the way she has gone about it.

Worth taking note of.

Why I’m Changing My Business Model… : newbie-network.com blog

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    I wouldn't have expected anything less from Kim to be honest. She has a way with people that I love to see in action - I've never seen anyone put forum miscreants to rights so bluntly and effectively while still somehow managing to say to them 'but you ARE important and can STILL be valuable around here!'. Tough love - I wasn't at all surprised when I first found out she was a nurse

    Good luck with the change of direction, Kim

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    Thanks for sharing the link Martin... there are a few people who could learn plenty from that...



    Bare Murkage.........

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    She is one of the very few lists(<5) that I'm on and I read her entire email. I wish her all the best and its refreshing how open and honest she is with her susbcribers and of course helpful to her customers.
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    Hi guys

    Thanks a heap for the kind words. I've had some lovely emails as well which has been super.

    It was a hard decision to give both EMP and the membership sites up. I know EMP is in excellent hands with Anthony who will take it forward as it needs to be.

    I'm conscious of the fact that I've been very lucky in my IM career so I'm hoping to use my new site at kimstanderlineproducts (which I'll be working on this week) to help others get a foothold in there without it breaking their bank balance. Probably sounds a bit pathetic, but I'm not to fussed whether I make a fortune every month. (Been there and done that)

    Looking forward to my new direction

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