No editorial bias on EzineArticles? Lies!

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Some of my articles got rejected because EZA staffs believe that my landing page is not a "high quality content". Well, my landing page is a squeeze page indeed but the only reason I put the link to my squeeze page because I have seen other authors are doing it as well.

Apparently, EZA's claim for not having an "editorial bias" towards platinum and premium authors are not honored. If having a squeeze page to be linked from the resource box is not allowed in EZA, then how come a guy like, for example, Sean R. Mize get away with it?

Here is proof from one of Sean's Articles:

Check out the links on the author resource box and you will be led to here:
Secrets To Article Marketing Revealed For FREE!

Tell me that if it is not a squeeze page!

For a fact: my squeeze page has more content than Sean's and mine has all the links to a blog, contacts, disclaimers and all that legal stuffs.

I have no problem with Sean, but EZA show that they cannot live up to the claim as being "unbiased". They cannot even apply their own set of rules consistently.
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  • I publish there to and get rejected or approved for similar things. I think the right hand and left hand dont' speak to each other they are not uniform.

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      To be realistic, it's inevitable that any organization that size, with that number of staff, constantly trying to apply a set of ever-changing editiorial guidelines, policies and procedures, is going to have occasional marked inconsistencies in their outcomes.

      That said, I do think there may be some "bias" in the understandable sense that Diamond authors who submit regularly, and never get rejections, probably get their articles a little more cursorily inspected/edited than others (judging by the speed with which they're published). That's only natural, perhaps, I think?

      Also, regarding the specific examples to which you refer, Ezine Articles state fairly openly on their blog that the extent to which they'll "stand on ceremony" about sites linked to in people's resource boxes does depend on whether they like the article and consider it "original". It may be unfair/unkind, sometimes, that articles they consider "derivative in tone" (their wording) are far more likely to be declined on these minor technical grounds, but that's just how it is - and, for what it's worth, at least they don't conceal that that's how it is.
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