What to do with your Forex List and Website?

by ITMguy
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We have recently completed the sale/buying process of 3 Forex sites and email lists. Two of the sales came from WF members.

We know sometimes you get started in a niche and then a year or two in , it is either time to sell or you are not looking to expand it anymore.
We are here to buy your Forex lists and/or websites.
Sometimes cash in hand and just letting us run the email list and website is the easy way to transition.
If you have a Forex list and/or site you are looking to sell or slowly transition out of, give me a PM.
What do we look for?
1. How big is your Forex list and how was it gathered?
2. How often do you mail to it, what are the recent numbers or results of the mailers? (CTR, Bounces, ETC).
3. The highest price we pay is for us to be able to take over your mailing list account. (ie. Nothing to export, SPAM, etc..) We would actually take over your Aweber or Icontact or whatever account, change the billing credit card, and move on..
Just PM me your list size and answers to the questions above and we can get you a quote.

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