Facebook Shutting Down Sharing?

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I think Facebook has shut down the share feature.
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    I don't that it works that way but I can't post a video on my facebook page by sharing it at the source
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      Originally Posted by provitall View Post

      I don't that it works that way but I can't post a video on my facebook page by sharing it at the source
      Yeah, to post a video directly to facebook it has to either come from a supported source (like youtube) or you have to have an app send a specifically formatted request to have it posted.

      There may be another way, but after banging my head on the facebook-video wall for a while those were the two that I found worked for me.
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    I have notices some content can be shared. I wanted to share a friends share but it wouldnt let me.
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    My share feature is still working
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    Just used the share feature about an hour ago so I think its still working. Like others have said, I'd just wait a bit and try again.
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    I know that sharing doesn't work on mobile, but I don't think they've disabled it completely.


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  • Is this really a post? Can the mods delete this? Seems like he is just trying to build up his post count. Thought I was coming here for something more informative -_-
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  • sometime it doesn't load but it's there.
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    I experience the same, from time to time. It may be because of poor internet speed. I am using broadband internet that depends on EDGE signal, and the when the signal is poor, there are features in Facebook that I can't use or take too long to load or take effect. If you are experiencing the same, it may be a temporary problem with your Internet.

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    I can use share feature without any problem. I dont believe Facebook will disable this, many people like to use it and its very important for marketers as well...
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