What can i do with my domain names? Advice please

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I have 2 domane names and was hoping that someone could give me some ideas on what i can do with them to help me earn some much needed money.

Without posting the domane names as i don't think i,am allowed to do this on the forum rules,all i can say that one is in the eliminate debt niche and the other the online poker

I,am really desperate to start earning and due to a lack of funds i really need to make use of these 2 domane names.

I would really appreciate your comments and advice please.

Kind regards
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    There company called freehostia that allows free hosting 250 megs of space, plus 5 gigs of transfer. I use them.

    You can get free traffic from your blog using {blooger, xanga, spaces, etc} all free, from videos on Youtube, and from social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Hugg.

    To get money you can sell thru affiliates like clickbank and amazon.
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      Hi blueclcl,

      What you might consider is to study this guide:

      Mini-Site Profits Exposed

      Sign up as a free member and gain access to excellent materials that are available there.
      Since you have 2 niche domain names, you can use the free training videos to discover
      how to use the 2 domain names properly

      Once you know how it's done, you can use the recommended sites that are in the videos to get
      your graphics done for you. I highly recommend them as well.

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