Best Way To Make $200 a day with $2000 to Invest

by Shevd 19 replies

Please could you guys suggest ways to make $200 a day as soon as possible. I have $2000 to invest.

Many Thanks
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    Check my sig... if you are good at blogging, or youtube advertising... or just about any method of driving traffic to your site then you'd make a killing.

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      Hi Imran

      I would like to attempt something else apart from website flipping.

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        Well considering a 10% return in the stock market over the course of a YEAR is considered good, making that return consistently every DAY will probably require more than a forum post for the magic answer.

        What have you done so far? Where does your expertise lie?

        You can make $200 a day in anything if you're good, AdSense, flipping, product or affiliate sales, cutting lawns....what's you r strength and experience?
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      Hi Shevd:

      Yesterday, I was checking and I have $940 from amazon. As an am aff I get 6% of sales. It is not just book, but CD, DVD, and even store items. Yesterday I made ten dollars on twelve sales. So getting $200/mo is very doable.

      This is much better than ebay where the rules change everyday, or adsense where you can get banned for sneezing too loud; I used to use clickbank and commision junction a lot, but going thru paypal is a hassle, just like everything ebay.

      Amazon does direct dep right into my checking account.
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