How do you buy views to your YouTube video directly from Facebook?

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Or is it even possible? I got a guru video in my email this morning, and one of the techniques he mentioned was getting people on Facebook to watch your Youtube video directly (i think) on Facebook. The implication seemed to be that you could buy this traffic directly from Facebook, but he was being sort of ambigious as he was trying to sell a $200 course.
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    You could share it on your page, that way your subscribers will be able to view the video directly from Facebook.

    Or you can always buy traffic from Facebook using their advertising platform.

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      I have had success with simply uploading videos from my computer to my facebook page.....maybe you could try something along that line to save $$$.
      Its worth a test anyway.
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    Hmmmm...interesting. Okay - initial thoughts:

    I know you can put YouTube videos into Facebook via a few different I have done here: Robert Jones Beauty Academy - YouTube | Facebook

    Then maybe he is saying use FB advertising and drive the traffic to this type of video page?

    Or just plain post some Facebook ads (as Bluestarace) was saying and link them right to your YouTube video.

    Another super great way to get YouTube views (if it applies to the audience, of course) is to post them on Pinterest. If your account and other followers accounts are tied to Facebook then all their followers will see the video pin. Then there's all the other social media platforms, of course.
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    As I know Facebook is not selling anything, so you cannot buy any views. Enat you can do is posting your YouTube videos on yiur wall and waiting for your friends to watch them.
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    There are various way to do this such as
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      Thanks for the replies.

      Here is his video. I was intrigued and I am not easily intrigued. I was going to buy it as I just thought it was a WSO someone had sent me, but when he said $200 I about spit my coffee out. I wasn't that intrigued. I hoped someone could figure out what he was getting at.
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    Yeah $200 is way too steep especially when he generally puts them on Sale in a few months. I'd think you just buy traffic off of Facebook like you do with any off site page?
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    I only watched the first couple of minutes (agree on the not being able to skip to end videos now) and I believe I heard him say it was about triangulating YouTube, Facebook and Google to get traffic to your site. So I dont htink it's necessarily buying traffic from facebook - especially when he said he wants a penny or so per visitor.

    I would imagine it's a combination of building a fanpage, Proper video optimization on YouTube and maybe plunging into Google+ to drive traffic to your site. He then talks about promoting those videos with a Facebook Ad.

    I will say that I spoke with an Adwords representative at the beginning of the month. Google now has paid (they pay not you) Adword managers that help you with your campaigns. She did point out for my nice Youtube promoted ads was a much better/cheaper option than the Google search location.
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