Using IM and fiverr to market my artist album?

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Just wondering if you guys had any tips on how to market a musician online? We have an album done and will be loading it up to itunes this weekend. I was told fiverr is a good place to start to find help, but I though I ask here first. I really want to drive traffic to the itunes page where people will buy the music. I was thinking of adding links to youtube videos. Help would be a blessing for sure.
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    Theres are loads of sites where you can upload you music... why dont you do that... also youtube!! upload your songs to every single music site. leave your itunes link in the description below the videos to drive traffic
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    • Let's be clear: Fiverr isn't great for driving traffic to your site or to iTunes. Where it really shines is in producing promotional material. But you still have to deploy that material.

      Any raw untargeted traffic you buy on Fiverr will be bogus. I think there are a couple of music bloggers who will sell you a blogroll link or a paid post placement -- that's probably your best bet.

      If you can come up with a sufficiently unique angle, you should put up Fiverr gigs of your own. It costs nothing to create them -- it's free advertising even though you can't link directly to iTunes from there.

      Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
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    I have a plan mapped out to do that in terms of uploading music to different sites. SO you recommend I just place a link to itunes on each one or profile? Is there any kind of seo you recommend that would help people find him online? I'm looking in the WSO section now to find something for more traffic to his profile.

    Also, do you think posting his music in the comunity section of craigslist would help at all or is a good idea?
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    I'd recommend you create Wikipedia pages for the musician (band?) and their products including the album, videos, singles etc. No matter if the product is out, or an upcoming one.

    You can add the musician/band to the famous Facebook application Band Profile. It's being run by Reverb Nation, and imo you should be a part of RN community if you want targeted traffic.

    Plus, an appealing press release is a must for any music promotion if you ask me.
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    add me on skype I can give you some tips on how to promote and raid city's
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    You may want to consider mapping out a good marketing plan then break it down into campaigns where you would then use gigs on fiverr to promote to your targeted audience. You could also promote your artist music on iTunes with playlist through musicianpromote and a fiverr for musicians at

    Either way you want to drive fans to your website. That way you could build up your list and eventually sell your music direct to fan. I specialize in SEO for musicians and I've noticed that this is where most artist need to work towards. If I can be of help skype me.
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    RSS feeds, if you sign up to get notifications from RSS feeds about your bands genre and post random comments that vary about how good they are linking to a youtube or iTunes that should get some nice traffic! 8-)
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    First, you need your own .com site. You could do a domain name based on niche keywords or your band name. Fivver is great for niche content. E.g. a punk band could make a content blog with all kinds of articles about various punk bands, niches, venues, festivals, etc.

    Once that is done then you should upload and carefully tag your music on every and any site with an Alexa rating under 100K. There are lots of lame small music community sites that are a waste of time. Always check the Alexa rating.

    Carefully tag your music by style and have a list of the acts you sound like. This is really important.

    E.g Recommended if you like: Daft Punk, Moby, The Chemical Brothers

    You can use any and every marketing tactic in this forum and apply it to music. This is what I have done for the past 4 years and it is awesome : )
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