Serious New Spintax service - need your input...

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Hi there Warriors,

I will be releasing my spintax service, within 1 week, that offers ready-made spintax at the paragraph, sentence, and word level. 5 paragraphs, 5 sentences, and then the whole thing word/phrase spun. They will be licensed, in a similar fashion to

Also, it will be of VERY HIGH quality. Yes I know, everybody says that, and then the articles are not as readable as you would want them to be. This is something that has also bothered me, so the only way I could rectify this is to create them myself! In addition, there is no service that I know of that sells pre-made spintax that goes 5 times paragraph, 5 times sentence, and then at the word level - the wait is over

So, the first one is complete, and is on the topic of weight loss.

What I want to know from you guys and gals is what formats do you want the spins in?

At present I have it downloadable as the complete (and half size for any character overload issues). I also have several version that are UAW friendly. I aim to provide more formats to facilitate any other needs, such as other software that accepts spun articles.

I think different formats will be a lot easier for people to manage for different needs. So please let me know your preferences.

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