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Say I want to create a niche site for perfume but perfume.com is already taken BUT 123perfume.com is available.

Would I still be able to promote and rank well for the keyword 'perfume' if my domain name is 123perfume.com - also, let's say the google keyword tool displays about 40,000 exact match monthly searches?

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    You can definitely do that but due to 123 you may not get the extreme (exact) benefits of the clicks.

    why don't you try perfumemania.org or something

    Other options: something with .net, .co etc
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    I would think 123-perfume would work a little better. Maybe not. Better yet would be to target a specific perfume type or even better yet a specific user type and pick a domain accordingly with perfume in the domain.
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    when I googled perfume I got "the perfume shop" as the first result (I live in UK)
    so, I am guessing that 123perfume have more keyword density than "the perfume shop".
    so you might have a chance.
    what I really think, it is not really crucial that you have the same keyword domain to rank No.1 on google, those guys are smarter than that if you know what I mean.
    I think the best thing to do is to specialize or in other words get a target market, I am sure you do not want to sell perfumes to everyone on the planet. so if you are targeting a local area try to use keyword related to that area, or if you are targeting a specific segment then try to target those segments in your keywords. because that what niche sites are about

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    Use a custom name like perfumasya or something made up. You can rank well if you BRAND your site well enough. Treat your readers like GOLD and you'll always come up on top. It is not going to happen overnight though so you have to be ready to run a marathon not a sprint.
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    Don't worry too much about an exact match domain as you don't get the SEO benefits that they used to have.

    I'd recommend appending another word, eg:

    Perfume Haven
    Perfume Sense (sometimes good to have a play on words)
    Perfume Emporium

    You are better to come up with a catchy name rather than something a boring like numbers or plurals.
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    At the risk of repeating advice I've given several times over the past few months, let me repeat advice that I've given several times over the past few months:

    Google (and all Western search engines) read from left to right, just like we do. The power in EMDs come from your keyword appearing at the beginning of the phrase. If you stick a number or another word at the beginning, you no longer have an EMD. Putting an actual word at the end has the same effect.

    OTOH, adding a single letter to the end of the domain name makes Google believe that it's just a typo and doesn't detract from the EMD formula.

    I just checked GoDaddy, and PerfumeZ.net is wide open. That'd be my choice if I were trying to do whatever you're doing.

    -- j

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