website or squeeze page?

by afbjv
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What is the best way to make money as an affiliate? With a website or using squeeze pages and using email marketing?:confused:
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    Why not a combination of both. Create a website that has the members submit their information. That way you can build an email list and promote products on a site all at once.
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    It depends how you want to make that money. A squeeze page will not directly make you money of course, you will only make money from the list you build if they convert.

    A squeeze page is very unlikely to rank in search engines on it's own as well.

    If you are happy to either pay for traffic or forum market for your squeeze page leads then go for it but personally i would suggest making a website/blog and having a opt in page or even just an opt in option in your sidebar.

    This way you can rank your site and earn from multiple sources rather than just one.
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    Purely as an affiliate? Email marketing will be your best option.

    Trying to sell directly off of your site can take years to develop a following that trust you enough to buy from you.

    It would also take a lot longer trying to rank for a keyword like and then getting traffic off of Google and trying to convert them.

    Email marketing is much faster and more effective.
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    I would recommend doing both if you are trying to set up a business. Remember setting up small quick income takes a lot if effort in the long run.

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