How should I started in Internet Marketing?

by Kevin Marshall 4 replies
Here's my story. I am a 27 year old married male that lost my job 5 weeks ago. I have been through at least 15 interviews and havent received even one offer. I am sick of corporate america and I've only been out of college five years. I started looking for ways to make money online when I came across a book by Yanik Silver "Moonlighting On the Internet". I read through most of the book this past weekend and I think I want to get started in this business right away. I understand the basics of PPC advertising and I have a few ideas of products I want to sell. I dont know anything about setting up websites but I pick things up quickly on the computer. I know you cant just setup a website and expect people to come to it. I know you gotta market each and every website. I also know I should start with one project at a time and keep going. So how should I begin? Should I get a business license, figure out what I'm going to sell, setup a contract with a drop shipper, setup a website and get it marketed? Should I do affiliate marketing?
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    do not spend any money yet.
    Join up here as a member and look around.
    Do not even consider PPC until you can afford to lose a lot of money.

    Take a deep breathe and forget the money side. Decide what you want to do and make a plan. Then spend money that works towards your plan.

    I chose writing and articles but then I enjoy it and find it easy. Find out what you are good at and do that
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      I just registered with this site 30 minutes ago. I'm still trying to figure out how to PM people and subscribe to things! I feel like the new kid at a new school!

      Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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      I learned about PPC from working for Idearc Media. They do Verizon Yellow Pages and I guess I dont know much about inexpensive advertising methods on the internet.

      Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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          Hi Kevinmarshall80,

          You should do affiliate marketing as that's one of the fastest ways for you to make profits without actually having to own your own website. You can do it for free. In this instance, I recommend you use Blogger because it's owned by mother Google. So your posts get recognised by the search engine way faster.

          Next, sign up with Clickbank as a merchant/affiliate. What you want to do next is to start selling those pages and links. There are many ways to do affiliate marketing but doing these 2 steps are the absolute basics of affiliate marketing that can help you get some income flowing.

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