Facebook ads confusion.

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Hi all,

I had an ad on FB for an affiliate product and had it set to CPM, I had 20000 views and NO clicks. Switched to PPC and now I have 23000 views and 14 clicks?

Somethings obviously not right with those numbers. Anyone know what's going on?

By the way it cost $4 for 20000/no clicks. $1.30 for 14 clicks once switched to PPC :confused:
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    Hey Louis,

    Good post!

    I still think that in Facebook, you have a browsing mentality. PPC is targeted and the difference shows...

    Incidentally, who did you use for PPC campaign?


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    Facebook are now trying to phase out the CPM advertisers by giving them less impressions and charging them more. It's only started happening recently but they are obviously sick of people getting cheap clicks through their CPM bidding. They want to maximize the profit out of their traffic.
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    Unless you are paying for LIKE ads for FB pages, in which case they still seem happy to give decent CMP, i'm currently getting around $0.04-7 per 1000 which means clicks are averaging out at around $0.02-3 for me. but you do need to have something people are interested in. Generally an interest rather than a product
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