How to set up smtp for bulk email

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My isp is bigpond. When i tried to send bulk email it is blocked. Gmail goes though and yahoo failed. Now i cant send any. Is it blacklisted. I can send email from bigpond over 10 email have no problem. Checked with and they passed my email setting
Can i go for another isp while with bigpond and send email through them. Do i make sense. my email marketing has come to stand still. The program i use ATOMIC EMAIL STUDIO appaling and get no help. Support send only one line answer and blame the isp. I have send over about 30 screen shots and they continue to ignore and refuse to refund my $225.00.
Please help me i am newbie and i am taken for a ride by these ruthless men.
Is there a govt authority where i can make an appeal to get my refund
Will appreciate your response asap
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    Hi lauriedharma,

    Have you tried contacting yahoo helpdesk and Telstra?
    They should be able to tell you whats going on. I would try using another ISP, perhaps on a mates computer. At least that way you will be able to pinpoint whether it is a problem on Bigponds side.

    Perhaps try Hotmail and other e-mail providers. Goodluck let us know how you go. Did you get a trial period with Atomic Email Studio?



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      Hi Lauriedharma,

      It is not so easy to pass a bulk emails through most of ISP's.So it is better to pay for a SMTP service, There is many smtp providers as and others.

      Withe your SMTP service and the bulk email sender softwares, you can send as much as you want..Also you'd better set your sendeng software to 100-200 emails per period..

      Hope i could help here..


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        Don't send out bulk unsolicited email, Lauretta. It'll only get you into trouble, and you won't make affiliate sales from it anyway.

        In this forum, even just advocating or procuring the sending of bulk unsolicited email has actually been a banning offense for more than a decade, now.
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    Your ISP will never allow you to send out bulk email. You will always have to do it through either some ESP or your private email server (dedicated server or VPS). Most ESPs like aweber will not let you do that because their other customers will suffer. They will ban your account and delete your data.
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