Veteran Marketers Opinions On Campaign Strategy?

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Hello everyone.

I am having a REALLY hard time figuring out how to go about my strategy here. Currently I have a site that reviews an affiliate program. On this site i have just my main page that is the sales page and the bottom they can go and buy the product. On the left hand side i have about 3 or 4 simple links. One is for a little more in depth information on the product, one for a few tips and a contact me link with FAQ.

Ok here is my problem.

I have found HUNDREDS of keywords I can write articles for and rank for. BUT I dont know if I should post these articles on this site or build a blog that contains all these articles and funnels them into this main site.

The reason im not sure if i should host it on my main site is i dont want anything to distract them from buying. I want the main focus when they get there is to BUY. I dont want them off getting distracted reading an article with me reviewing a competitior and they leave the page.

If i build the blog how should i funnel them into my site? Maybe at the bottom of every article on the blog i post up my OTHER site with a resource box saying go here?


If i put the articles on my main sales page how would i structure that? Could someone please give me some detailed advice or suggestions?

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    I'm not a veteran, but why not have the blog on the same site? The first page of your blog would be the sales page, and it would use a different template than the rest of the blog pages. Then, have the link to the actual blog in the left side with your other links. That way, the domain reaps all the benefits of the blog content and PR.

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      nobody with any ideas?
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        Hi Jake,

        Do what Dan says.

        Write all the articles, add one or two to your main site once a week, and also have a blog hosted on the site. Structuring won't matter too much, as long as you don't put the articles in a directory called "Articles" or something like that. For SEO purposes you're better off with it being like this: or whatever.

        For the blog, use wordpress for ease of use, install it in a folder that relates to your main keyword, and then each time you add an article or update the site, make a 200 word post on the blog, linking back to the article.

        Make sure you have a large-ish list of sites that are being pinged for each blog post, and then after each post you'll be grabbing the search engines and forcing them to spider your new content, because obviously the blog links back to it...

        If you do this consistently you'll probably find you'll be drowning in long tail traffic before too long...

        Cool huh?

        Hope that helps

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