Lets talk, Email conversions & how often you mail to your list!

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I read a wso and it was talking about how often you should send out emails to your list and about keeping in contact with them to get the highest conversions.

At first I was thinking I would send out freebies (articles,tips,ebooks,ect) on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and then mail out a promotion on Tuesday-Thursday.
But in this wso the guy said the best option is to email once in the morning with your freebie, and in the afternoon with your offer. I was like "WHOA you can mail them that many times and it actually works?!"

For me I was thinking that would be to much and your list would get mad at you. But then I started to think...cause... they are still getting those freebies, its consistent, and of course you can make money every day of the week. Then I also really thought, what makes me mad at the gurus who's lists i'm on.
1) they always send promos and no freebies. 2) they never keep in contact and then randomly send out a email, which then gets an unsubscribe from me. Oh I guess those are the only things that get me mad. But it just made that one method look even better.

Anyways, lets hear how many times you write to your list, what your conversion rates are. And what gets you mad about being on other peoples lists!
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    I still only have a small list, but I'm pretty picky to not over send, mostly because I personally don't like getting too much from lists I'm on. That said, I too wouldn't mind hearing what some of the more seasoned Warriors here have to say!

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    I personally send out emails every 2-3 days in general.... and with freebies in between.... I don't know if 2 mails a day can piss off my list
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      I'd heard some very big name affiliate marketers say that they mail twice a day with every third mailing being a promotion. In my opinion they are not doing people any favors by making that recommendation just because they are able to get away with it.

      You can bet that they didn't start off doing that and as they built notoriety they were able to send more frequently. I would say focus on sending mailing every 2-3 days and don't send a promotion until after the 10th day. Then follow-up with promo's every other mailing.

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        I go by what I call "on launch seasons" and "off launch season."

        If I'm launching a product, I give away freebies that promote the product under the radar once a day for 3 days straight then finally on days 4-6 I run a scarcity based direct promotion. This is my "on launch season." Then starting from the week after, my "off launch season" begins, and this is where I give freebies away (related to my "on launch seasons" product) once every 3 days for 2 weeks before gradually going on to "on launch season" again.

        Hopefully that made sense lol
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    Lots of good points! I didn't even think about having to build up to mailings twice a day but that makes way more sense. I think I will start with my original idea, and then see how this list is. Each niche is different, gotta test those waters! Hope I get high conversions tho
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    Originally Posted by TGforever View Post

    the guy said the best option is to email once in the morning with your freebie, and in the afternoon with your offer.
    Morning and afternoon where you live, or where they live?

    Do they all have to live in the same time-zone? Or the same country? Or on the same side of the world?

    How are you supposed to know where all your subscribers with gmail/hotmail/yahoo email addresses live? Are you supposed to reverse-search all their IP numbers to work it out, or something?

    And what proportion of people unsubscribe from your lists, if you send them two emails a day, as well?

    What strange and remarkable views those are. But sadly typical of someone who makes a bit of money from selling "information" to beginning marketers rather than making any from their own list-building - that's for sure. I'd delete the PDF that contains that "information" from my computer, myself, because reading it certainly wouldn't help me. That stuff hasn't come from a graduate of the Urban Myth School of Internet Marketing: it's been produced by someone who couldn't even get in there.


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    emailing your list with a freebie in the morning and a promotion in the afternoon is probably one of the most obsurd things ive ever heard

    of course you want to stay in contact

    of course theres nothing wrong with sending the odd promotion if its quality and related to your list

    but once in the morning and once in the afternoon is a recipe for disaster

    just put yourself in there position, how would you feel to get 2 emails a day from the same person day in day out?

    it would drive me bonkers

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    Yup! I just like the part of making money everyday but then I can get like several lists and market to them! Or just stick with one or two great lists. Either way I dont want to spam them.

    Thanks Alexa Smith for the links, im going to check them out right now!
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    I can't speak from the p.o.v of a marketer as my list is small and I'm just building my business, but as a subscriber that would be a surefire recipe to get me to unsubscribe. That's way too much, even if you're a big name.
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    I like to take 2 or 3 days off from sending out info. It gives everyone a chance to open it go back and click again, and actually make a decision. I am however someone who loves this work and I like creating emails, so I have made a few lists and that allows me to send an email everyday.

    As far as 2 a day I think that only happens when I have a new product that just launched. I want to be the first one they hear about it from. So it will be a teaser, in the morning and actual launch in the afternoon. I only do that like once every now and then.

    By the way if Alexa says it's wrong, probably a good voice of reason to go with.
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      Assuming that you are not sending out e-mails on weekends, I would also not send any out on Mondays. Why not? People are often in bad moods and highly distracted on Mondays because they have to get back to "the grind". By Tuesday, people on your list are looking forward to hearing from you once again, and this anticipation puts them in a receptive state of mind. Making yourself a little bit scarce can get people to value your communication much more.

      I also like keeping new product promotions to Thursdays and/or Fridays. People are looking forward to their weekends and, typically, getting paid on those days.

      Well, it's just what I think.

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        Before anyone can say for certain whether a certain mailing schedule is too much, not enough or just right, they need the answer to one question.

        What do the members of the list expect to receive?

        If they sign up for a freebie in the morning and an offer in the afternoon, that's what you should send them. If they sign up for a weekly newsletter, they should get a weekly newsletter. Not a sort-of newsletter along with a promo a day and as many solo ads/ad swaps as the list owner can arrange.

        The specific frequency isn't the issue. The issue is setting and then meeting expectations.
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          Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

          The specific frequency isn't the issue. The issue is setting and then meeting expectations.
          This exactly ^. If you consistently offer value, frequency is a non-issue. My emails go out daily because this is what subscribers were told upfront before opting in. And conversions are typically high because each message includes practical tips, niche relevant news, quality articles, free resources, a joke or two, and hard-hitting product promotions.

          The main advantage in my experience for daily contact is that subscribers are far less likely to buy affiliate products from the competition. Strong relationships can be established with a history of mutually beneficial transactions; it doesn't have to be based on silly email schedules, "preps", warm fuzzies or freebies.
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    well it definitely depends on the niche your in. In one of my niches the people aren't tech guys. Sending multiple E-mails per day would overload them.

    But if you take a look at the IM niche where the people are checking their Email at least 3 times a day you can send 2 E-Mails per day, assuming you have good stuff.
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    See what works for you and your list. Everyone is different and it depends on alot of different factors.

    If you are consistently providing quality content then your list will look forward to your emails regardless of once a week or every day and they will be more willing to purchase products you recommend. Focus on this more than what day to send out emails.

    Alot of people give advice on what they "think" and "assume" will produce better results but their opinion doesn't represent the whole market so test and see what works for you.

    I also don't agree with not sending emails on Mondays because you think people will be in a bad mood =/
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    Building a list is a long and agonizing process but can generate good revenue if the proper product or service is offered to them.
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    This goes to show that not everything you read in a WSO is good advice.

    Today I broke the cardinal sin of mailing twice in one day, but I have 2 related things I wanted to say, and I felt good about doing it. To me list building is all about become a leader of a community and sharing information appropriately.

    If you've build up a relationship properly you know that 3 mailings for a good product where you want to do well in an affiliate contest will get the best results. One email will get ignored, but if someone I trust is sending out multiple times it's enough to make me look at the salespage.

    Ultimately you may find that you're not building a list in the right niche, far too many people are trying to apply internet marketing rules to a subject that's personal and all about your own communication.
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    I mail my subscribers list 2 times a week. The first time is to say hello the second is a gift. By the third week I give them OTO's with those free gifts and generate any where between $500-$650 in sales.

    Make $1 extra and save it I guarantee you will become a millionaire.

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    Alexa seems to have some pretty sound advice going here. I've been working to get my list going with an email series. I was considering a simlar question in terms of frequency. I was thinking probably one every three days but I was not thinking two a day. :-o I like the idea of prepping people with an indicator of what they will get and how often. I think I'll definitely consider the 1,3,6,10,15 - 5/6 - 5/6 - 5/6 sequence though. For an extended series on a consistent theme this is probably a sensible way to go.

    Of course, I could always put it to my subscribers to give me feedback and let me know if they want me to send more or less often. :-)
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    More than 4 or 5 emails a week is considered spamming by some.

    If you fill up my mailbox, it better be high value material. I have had to let some well respected people know that the 2 a days need to stop. Having someones contact info is a privilege. I now have some IMers asking people if they want the daily email or just the greatest hits, which is weekly.

    It's all about quality, not quantity. You need to stay in touch to stay relevant, but you also need to send top shelf info. If you send too much "Stuff," you damage your rep.
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