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Short question:

Where would one go to find forum posters to create content for a blogging forum that I am creating? Is it possible to find posters that will do this for free?, and don't say registered users!!

Would it benefit me to go to the Warriors for Hire, or would Warriors even consider doing a lowly job like this?

I also need moderators if anyone is interested. pm me for details.
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    Dude no one is going to make threads for your for free
    Check your PM. Reply me ASAP.
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    Hello Wade,

    I understand that you're taking the chance to check if there are guys in this forum who can assist you on your content needs for free.

    Everyone in this forum is here to earn some money, if not a living. We added you on Skype. Let's chat and see how we can help you in your content writing needs.
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    Hey Wade,

    Finding people who will do it on a regular basis for free is pretty much impossible, unless you happen to find a group of people who are truly passionate about your niche.

    I suggest you post a job up on How work gets done. Guaranteed. . There are a number of people who have a lot of experience in creating genuine content for forums.

    If you are willing to pay a fair amount for the work, then you can look out for Warriors who are for hire. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time. As contentwriting360 mentioned, everyone on here is looking to make money.

    Internet-based freelancing is a SCIENCE and The Freelancer Academy has figured it out!

    Get my Comprehensive Guide to Finding Success on and learn how to win projects consistently

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    Hire freelancers and make contacts with people passionate in the niche and offer some incentive as well.
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    Try Since you went from coal miner to John Chow's cell phone buddy, I'm sure you can spring the few bucks, right? Also, you only pay for the posts you approve of.
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    You could also try One of the great things about this site is the work diary. Basically your workers have their desktops screenshotted every 15minutes so you can confirm that any hours logged they were actually working on your project.

    Check it out

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    I don't believe that anyone will do it for free, you will need to hire a few freelancers to help you. You can post on warriors for hire as you said. There are many freelancing site where you can find many people to post on your forum for logical prices.
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    Hey, thanks for the input...and thanks to those of you who have offered to post a few posts for free!! I really appreciate it! Hey you never know until you ask...

    As for paying..I don't mind to pay for posts to get it started, but if you can get the posts free, of course that's the better deal! I will be talking to a few of you who pm'd me asking for payment later.
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    Try fiverr .. Someone out there might be willing to do it for $5..
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