How can I check my backlinks?

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This question has been in my mind for a while. If I am building backlinks for my site or for my clinets, how should I know the number of backlinks that has been indexed by google? It is very important to know.
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  • Profile picture of the author abbs is a great way to check how many backlinks you have.

    It even gives you the keywords they might be tagged under.

    I hope this helps.

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    you can use opensitexplorer to check your backlinks. Backlinkwatch also give fine result.
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    From experience after 2 months now, you dont. Whether that is down to the new Google updates or the lengh of time new sites take to rank their data is still unclear. Also i can say is after 2 months of building back links, upwords of 500 now and 200 just in the Joomla forum alone, i still only rank as have 3 links in bing, 14 links in Google and 0 in all the online tools. I think maybe when you have the site online for a couple of months, things may change, but the early days seem to be a nightmare to see if your hard work has paid of. So all i can say for the early days its all about mental arifmatic and keeping your own tally, keeping possitive and praying for some kind of miracle change in the analytical data. In the later days backlinks will begin to show, yet its only an estimate as most backlinks dont show and do not show accurate data.
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    Often you backlinks are ignored if left alone. At the very least you need to ping them and I would recommend going one step further and using a site like, to have them crawled.
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