Is Myspace Marketing Dead?

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It's funny, I keep hearing this from top people in the industry, but I simply don't get it.

Maybe because they are trying to sell all of their now "twitter" books and such. The truth is myspace is still getting huge amounts of traffic and is a great relationship builder.

I meet people everyday and do build my list using it. Sucks that there saying it's dead though...I don't believe it and never will.

I have almost 10,000 friends on myspace that keep in contact with me all the time. Most spammers get kicked out fast but I have had my account for almost 2 years because I have learned how to do things the right way...

what do you think about it?
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    I've been using Myspace on the PPC side effectively and it's been good. Not excellent, but I've made money. I'm trying a few other tactics on the IM side of things via PPC and seeing if that converts.

    I still know lots of people using Myspace effectively and make heaps of money. You just got to choose your battles...
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      It's probably still alive, but from personal experience almost every single person I know has switched over to Facebook. I was talking to my IT buddy about it the other day and we can't think of the last time that we saw such a quick and profound switch. In all of our social circles Myspace has been taken over by Facebook. It kind of floored us both, but considering how much better Facebook looks (much less gaudy and flashy) we can see why.
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    Just think of myspace as an interactive cellphone, if you can get our attention we'll answer the call, if you come off as a telemarketer your gonna hear the ... CLICK
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