An open letter to many "Gurus" who sell IM/Affiliate Marketing strategies....

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There is a recent spike in courses and trainings released by some Gurus which deal with things like Adwords/PPC and Affilate Marketing, mainly Clickbank.

Some prime examples: Commission Blueprint, and that horrible rehash thing called "Google Shadow" - amongst others.

Those trainings are all made by Gurus and super earners who (i assume) make MOST (if not all) of their money with their own products, as vendors of those products. ( This open letter is also for many other vendors.)

I wonder how many of those Gurus which write IM coaching courses actually really KNOW the affiliate side of things.

They release courses which describe how easy it is to sell as an affiliate...while THEIR income is mostly from their vendor sales.

) I see "miracle methods" describing you can make a killing "...just by signing up on clickbank and adwords". The worst courses even recommend direct linking using affiliate links in Adwords to vendor site <--- BIG, BIG nono.

They make it sound easy and to me it looks that those people actually never were affiliates, otherwise they knew that some of their tips wont even work.

I see it also over and over again, if you go to the affiliate section of some vendor. Some of them offer keywords and ad copy, but those keywords are just....horrible. Way too broad, sure way to lose money.

They just throw together some generic keywords like "make money", "easy money online" etc...and then they make it look that you just need to make some ads using those keywords and you're set on your way to millions.

Then they present photos of clickbank checks - where most of them show their vendor earnings as "proof how it works"...but NOT how their "miracle method" actually works if you're an affiliate which is really a different story.

The big gurus make their money NOT as affiliates, keep that in mind.
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    I'm not sure I'd throw a blanketed statement like "all big gurus do this" but I do know that some do.

    That being said, I know there are lots of big gurus that make a great some of money pushing Clickbank products.
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    I like the earnings screen shots
    that suggest they're making all of
    this money as an affiliate, but in
    reality it's sales from their last
    launch about how to make money
    as an affiliate.

    I have to agree that in one of
    the products you mentioned,
    which I bought, there is NO way
    that guy is an affiliate marketing
    master. No way.

    The Affiliate Black Book
    The Inside Nasty on How to Kick the Snot Out of a Google Cash affiliate.

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    The Death of Crap: Crap Dies Slowly
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    One of my biggest pet peeves is the screen shots of clickbank sales where the sales are from 2-3 years ago.

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    To paraphrase Chaka Khan... "sell me somethin' good..."

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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