Is anyone else buying micro niche sites and flipping them after they make money?

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There are a ton of site builders here who sell small MN sites between about $19 - $85 depending on what you choose, if there's SEO, how many articles, etc.

Let's bring it all out on the table.

Who do you use?
How often do you flip or re-sell the sites?
Or do you just keep them to make residual income?
Can you show proof?
How long are they taking to make money?

There seems to be some mis-trust on WSO's so I just want to know who's really doing what with whom?
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    I make the niche site myself usually about 15-20 articles. I hold onto the site for an avg of 2 months and then sell it on flippa for about $300-500. Simply rinse and repeat provides a nice supplement in income

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      Originally Posted by jpsween88 View Post

      I make the niche site myself usually about 15-20 articles. I hold onto the site for an avg of 2 months and then sell it on flippa for about $300-500. Simply rinse and repeat provides a nice supplement in income
      Of course, it is the right way of making money from micro niche sites, and two months time is needed for optimizing some keywords also.

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    Before you plan on getting into this, check out Flippa first and study what kinds of sites ACTUALLY SELL. Not just advertised but actually sell. There are tons of scam "get rich quick" ebooks that try to get you excited about the EASY MONEY that's out there. LOL The truth is it takes WORK to come out with quality ETHICAL sites people would want to buy.

    Just my tip to you before you blow your $30 or whatever on yet another digital pipe dream.
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    True, you first have to investigate and see what kinds of sites sell. Or else, you'll just waste cash on something you should've prevented.
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    Yah my site is about 70% finished, Twitter Follower | - This is just a template for other websites. Once it's done I'm going to rinse and repeat.

    But this is not a MN site of course but still, I just bought 3 sites from Lucy Writes and am hoping they'll be flippable within 1-3 months. Should be interesting to see.

    The good thing about this business is that "People don't succeed cause they aim too high and miss, no, they aim too low... and hit. Most people don't aim at all." (Les Brown)

    Not us... Not marketers. We live far above mediocrity. Always keep this in mind at all times..

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    Earning Sites sell extremely well!

    Now that you know what sells, go out and get it or get it done.
    A site doesn't have to be earning thousands, to be flipped for big profits.
    $100 a month will do, heck even $50 per month!

    An earning site usually is flipped for 10X its monthly earnings, and more!
    However the industry standard is 10X its monthly earnings.
    So a $100 p/m earning site = $1000 in profits.

    Your site has to be atleast 3 months old. With some good steady traffic stats.
    These are just some of the main elements when it comes to
    Flipping Sites for profit.

    Best of Luck!

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    We have buyers that regularly purchase our sites, build them up and either sell them or keep them for the residual income. Our sites go for a higher multiple than you might find from most sellers on Flippa, but you're paying for the trust and reputation behind our sites. Here's a recent example of someone who bought and then sold one of our sites...he paid around $200 for the site, I believe:

    We have sites available for sale right now on our page...both individual sites and site packages. Feel free to take a look:
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