How to build credentials as a marketing consultant?

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I have lots of knowledge to share with local businesses in terms of direct response marketing and internet marketing as that has been the course of my study in the past 3 years and offline marketing services which has been the subject of many WSOs.

However in order to package and sell my services, a big problem exists as i have no prior clients. i need to build my credentials as a marketing consultant/ go-to-expert for marketing problems.

Ideas to do so include:

1)Getting certification like the GXXXXXX marketing coach certification which is costly, or some business coaching certification online
2) giving away free consulting for testimonials which then serve as results

Do you guys have any ideas to add to this?

Thanks in advance!
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    Business owners have to know about you before they can hire you, and it can often take a dozen or so communications sent to them before you will see any action.

    For example, an insurance agent (think of him as an insurance consultant) called me once a month for several years asking to get my business. I was happy with the fellow I had been using and didn't want to change.

    Then the agent I was using retired and sold his business to another agent. I didn't click with the new owner, and when the other fellow who had been calling me every month called again, I became this caller's new client. He has now handled my business and home insurance for the past 20 years.

    It's a matter of making contact multiple times, and not taking ,"No" as an answer.

    Since you have been studying DR and Internet marketing, and intend to use those skills to help local businesses, use the same skills to market yourself.

    You are now a "local business" and if your skills will help other local businesses, show how well your knowledge works by marketing your business.

    I heard Jason Fladlein mention that he walks into a local business and puts a large QR code on the counter in front of the owner - then says nothing. This gets the owner curious, and a conversation begins. Jason created the QR code with a software he and Wil sell. It captures the phone number of people who use smart phones to view it, and puts the phone number into a texting autoresponder.

    Three things I have seen used effectively by others who are consultants...

    1. One fellow picked a particular business nich - lawyers - and charges enough as a retainer to make a nice living with only 6 clients paying him each month. He has become an expert at marketing attorney services.

    2. Another fellow, a CPA who works as a business building consultant, wrote an excellent, helpfull, interestsing book, and self-published it. You can do with will little upfront cost by using CreateSpace from Amazon. He distributes the book, which make him appear as a expert.

    3. Kendra Murphy, who used to work with GCIK, uses direct respons mailings to attract clients. She sends postcards, and lumpy-mail. These get attention. She mails regularly.

    There are a few ideas. Hope they help.

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    Do you have proven results?

    For example, you can't expect anyone to take you seriously as an SEO Consultant unless you have proven results. Most could really care less about any certification, at this point, it's really just icing on the cake.

    What good is a certification anyway, if you don't have any proven results?

    When I was building websites locally, I gave away one website to a natural networking business person in the community. In other words, this person had a big mouth, loved talking about his business and all of the things going on with it.

    I nailed his website, and pretty soon the phone began to ring. Why? Because this guy was talking about his website like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    So if you don't have any clients yet, why not try and offer your services for free to someone who has a big mouth and can about your services to any and everyone they see? Then once you start getting clients, have them provide you with testimonials that you can put on your website further selling your services.

    Something to think about at least.

    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    If you have no clients why don't you use your ability to promote some affiliate programs? You can then show the proof of earnings.

    Visit my official blog: James Winsoar and learn how to generate 30+ new FREE leads a day on auto-pilot!

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