Free Biz Model: Google Cash Detective Mastermind Marketing Timeshare Team?

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I originally posted this in the PPC/Adsense forum...

Here is a relatively unconventional idea for you warriors to kick around...

Because Google Cash Detective is so dang expensive, what if a mastermind group or marketing team pulled their resources together and shared a single GCD account on a timeshare/group marketing basis?

If it really is as good as it claims to be, a team working together could likely achieve greater results than most individuals alone, with much less financial risk.

Set up a simple contract of agreement of how the group will share or have access to info., charge $50-$100 upfront to join the team (depending on group size 5-10 people) then $15/mo. via PayPal, then work together on campaigns to grow.

Sharing GCD could be by time periods during the day or perhaps group members each get to send 3-5 requests a day for info on a product or keyword or another metric, and the team leader sends out the most profitable campaigns to team members according to their requests. There are several ways to skin that cat, and I am sure you savvy ones get the idea.

If you already have GCD this would be an easy way for you to leverage the tool and others' efforts/ideas to recover much of the cost. If you don't already have GCD, start a team.

This can be done with really any product. I am sure a good team working together can achieve more than one working alone. All the best to any who run with this platinum idea.

Oh! By the way, I mentioned "free" because if anyone appreciates this and would like me to help contribute to their team, please PM me, and I would greatly appreciate a spot on the team to help grow and share the wealth. And I have much more to offer...

What do you think?
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    This is a good idea but the arrangement is best kept to be simple. And I see that there must be some level of trust between those participating.

    Actually, to make things really simple, you can form a team of users and allocate different time slots of the day to use the tool. Best if they are members of different time zone and there will not be any conflicts.

    I wonder if this is permissible by GCD but it is worth trying since the usage is unlimited.
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      You are absolutely right. Trust is critical.

      As for asking permission, sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than ask permission.

      A super-simple way to maintain control and use GCD as another stream of income would be to have a membership site. You charge a small monthly fee for membership to your newsletter, and push out a campaign-a-day or several a week to your members. Of course, members may recommend topics for your research, though ultimately it is your call.
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    I'm guessing in the terms and agreements it is prohibited to share or otherwise allow access to the system but by the purchaser.

    You don't need tools like this to be successful, don't sweat it.
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