Can You Upload a PDF To Kindle?

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Can you upload any doc or pdf to Amazon as a Kindle download :confused:

I am confused as to why some people pay for a service to put an ebook into Kindle format and do not know what this means and what the difference is with each format.

Any feedback appreciated so I know how to start this
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    Hi everyone,

    no you cannot download pdf to kindle but if you will login to amazon they will explain exactly, what you can donwload, and how to do this. And they have got all the tools how to convert pdf to kindel download store.

    All the best and see you on top Erwin.
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    There is a really good free software program called calibre that you can use to convert your books so they will work on Kindle. You can find it at It is awesome and works a charm for me.


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    I have a kindle and you can read PDF's on it. You just have to read them in landscape otherwise it's a pain in the ass.
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    They used to accept PDF's while i was selling on there. Go over to Mobipocket's site and download their PDF/DOC converter. It will turn your ebook into a Kindle accepted form immediately. Free too.
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    You can upload a PDF, but usually it will kill your table of contents and cover if a reader clicks on the TOC button on the Kindle Reader.

    For short books PDF is fine.

    For fiction books PDF is fine.

    For non-fiction/reference books where they need to keep referring back to the table of contents I would steer away from PDF.

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