You are pushing people out of the Funnel and your to greedy to see it!!!

by Todd Walker 2 replies

Ok. Small rant here.

I'm a handful of marketing lists, mainly because I like to know what is going on in the industry, also sometimes you gain some good knowledge and swipe files from the emails...

However, what is really starting to bug me are the marketers who are to greedy to realize that they are pushing people out of their funnel!

The biggest move in Internet Marketing is building your business funnel, where you pull in your potential customer, sell them a product, upsell to a bigger product, and then something like a membership, and then a huge ticket item...

Basics --> every customer could be worth $5,000 a year if funneled right.

Now, I don't know if it's because of greed, or if it's because they are to naive to see in which that they are doing, but keep in mind, when you market affiliate products or JV with others, and the product is an introduction into another marketer's funnel... you are losing a long term customer....

Yea, sure you might get a $30 commission from that one sale, but if the other marketer funnels them now, you can forget about ever getting any more money from them again...

I made this mistake in 2006, I ran a successful membership that had 600 members, I was building a nice upsell product for them, but I needed to raise some capital for it, up came a JV offer for me to earn 70% commission on a product that was similar but really had nothing to do with my niche.

It would be like comparing Apples to Bananas, both are fruits, but one is red the other is yellow...

I made $4500 on the JV, super!! However, from the 120 sales that I received from the JV, only 10 bought my big upsell product...

When I asked my community why, I got a handful of responses that basically told me that my JV partner's product had good ideas that they were going to try first...

So, in conclusion, keep in mind while JV and selling, while promoting products, etc... make sure not to give your customers away to another marketer just to get a commission... You can do more with them in your own funnel.
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    Could we please not use the word "greed" every time someone tries to make money? That's not what the word means.

    Every customer is not going to be worth $5000 a year, unless maybe that's what your cheapest product costs. Just because you have a high-ticket item, that doesn't mean everyone will buy it.

    That's why it's called a funnel, not a tube.

    It's also a mistake to assume that just because somebody buys something from someone else, they won't buy again from you. Where did you get that idea?
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      It actually sounds to me like your marketing friend may have better ideas than you....Time to evolve...

      As much as we would like to believe, our customers aren't "islands" to themselves and most can be quite touchy in terms of what is marketed to them. If you can't or don't deliver (and no one can deliver 100% of the time and make our lists 100% happy), then there is always someone that will be more than willing to step it up.

      Also, regardless of the rhetoric that people talk about customer's being worth $x,xxx amount of dollars a year, the reality is that it rarely plays out like that. I am the perfect example. I may bite on a hundred dollar item. I may even bite on a thousand dollar piece of software. But I have never bitten on a high dollar item ($500+) that was not software. Never.

      So where does that put me in the funnel stream?
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