How do you plan your activities?

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I am trying to get into the internet marketing game and have decided that in order to succeed I need to run it as a proper business. I figured I failed in the past due to the fact that I wasn't 'planned' enough. Now I need to juggle a relationship with working which is going to be hard. Anyway, I was interested how everybody plans their activities. I used two folders mainly (With some archive folders).

Folder 1: Current Month Activities

1. At the start of the folder I have a 'sheet' which details what I intend to do that month (Profit Goals, Website Visitors).

2. The second sheet in the folder contains a list of the articles I am going to produce for each of my websites (I write my own content). This 'article' list is planned a month in advance and I generally write 'ideas' down when I am out walking.

3. Sheet 3 is the update schedule for each of my websites and 'writing'. This can include the days articles need to be posted and when I will be sending out marketing emails.

4. Sheet 4 is the current weeks plans. This details everything I am going to accomplish in a day (with the 9 hours I currently have been given by my girlfriend). Everything is planned so it is possible to complete in 9 hours and not a minute over! I can accomplish a lot in a day! This includes all my writing activities, marketing activities, SEO etc.

Folder 2 is for all the domain names I own. I have prepared a 'domain registration sheet' for each domain which includes the following:

1. Purpose of Domain Name
2. What I hope to accomplish with it
3. Marketing Strategy
4. SEO Strategy
5. eMail addresses associated with the site
6. Subdomains on Website
7. Update Schedule (Days of week it will be updated and how long for!)

I am wondering if I am 'over planning' or 'under planning' my activities. I have found that I can get more done if I am under 'time pressure' and feel it is ideal for me. I was wondering how the rest of you cope!
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    A plethora of to-do lists:

    1. Master to do list- Involves my long term business goals, and career aspirations.

    2. "Niche" to do list- Involves what needs to be done with each aspect of my business: freelancing, product creation, affiliate marketing, and then school.

    3. Daily to do list- I pick and choose 10 things from list 2 and try to complete them. Whatever isn't finished carries over to the next day.
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    I have a daily plan which derives from a master list of everything I want to accomplish.

    The first thing I do is open my master list at the start of each day and make myself a daily list from that... this is a list that is achievable in one day and I don't go to sleep till that list is finished. had some sleepless nights some days getting keen thinking i could do more than i could in a day but im getting better at knowing how long i need to spend on things and what I can fit in
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      I also keep To Do lists and break them down into:

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        I believe you really need to have 3 different jobs within your own business.

        1. You have to be an employee who takes care of the daily mundane tasks.
        2. You have to be a manager who sets out what tasks need to be accomplished each week, figures out the best way to get them accomplished and measure the results.
        3. You have to be the CEO who decides on the overall direction of the business and sets it's long term goals etc.

        You'll spend roughly 80% of your time being an employee, 15% of your time being a manager and 5% being the CEO.

        The way I work is that every monday night I spend about 30 minutes working out what needs to be accomplished that week and the best way to get it all done. I set out a checklist that is to be completed in order or importance and urgency.

        My job for the rest of that week is to be an employee and go through that list one thing after another making sure it all gets done. (I actually print the list out with check boxes next to each item and physically tick them off)

        Without doing things this way I found that I would waste too much time deciding what needed to be worked on every time I sat down at the desk. I'd also second guess myself and start working on something else or doing unnecessary research etc and basically just chaotically jumping from one thing to another. I'd get things done, but nowhere near as efficiently as I do now.

        By breaking down my business into 3 separate job roles I pretty much exploded my productivity.

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  • Based on what you have posted, it's like a lot of things going on. You might be spending more time sorting out your to-do lists with your goals, etc. Making it simpler and visual will bring you a long way.

    What I did? I have a white board, every week I write whatever pending or current work I have, the amount of money I need to earn for the week, and things to do. Then, every morning I look at the white board and start working to get my targeted income while accomplishing my errands within the week all at the same time. Kinda messy. This is how I work since I am a bit impulsive don't want too much planning it may hamper my productivity.
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