Is an Authority Blog a "Startup"?

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I was wondering what exactly is a startup...I am very confused whether should I call myself an Entrepreneur because I only build Informative Authority blogs ...
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    Anyone ?
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    There is no real 'definition' of the term 'start-up' as it is used to describe different types of companies.

    But to use broad generalizations, this is what I think.

    A 'start up' is usually used when referring to a company that is new, as in not spun off another company. Hence the company just "started up".

    Typically the start up company would be privately owned with a small core of principals and privately funded.

    Many start ups begin with the principals' own money and sometimes 'angel investors' who put private money in at the ground floor.

    Sometimes there are other rounds of private financing with venture capital sources before the company goes public with an IPO (if ever).

    Once a company gets past the 'start up' stage, a number of things can happen.

    1) It stays private and successful (or not).

    2) It gets bought by a larger company like Apple or Microsoft for its innovative ideas/patents.

    3) It goes public, lists on the open stock market and sells shares through an IPO and subsequent trading.

    An entrepreneur is a person, not a company. Many entrepreneurs begin start ups, but start ups are not entrepreneurs.

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    A start-up is essentially any COMPANY or BUSINESS that is being "started up!"

    That's it really. Nothing big or fancy about it. In a more corporate environment, a "start up" tries to make a lot of noise.

    In this case, your website wouldn't necessarily be a start-up, but the company you founded to fund and build it would be considered a start up.

    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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