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If you were staring a new site and it was going to be trying purely for SEO traffic (kind of a hobby/experiment I'm about to start), and you built one page a day for a hundred days...What would you do for each of those pages to help them rank high and get traffic?

I'm talking about every step *after* all the on-page stuff is done. You create the content, optimize the page, then put it up. What 5 or 10 steps would you put into action on each page?

I'm talking backlinks, social bookmarking, forum posts, answer sites answers. Whatever it is you'd do for each page.
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    I think there really isn't a step by step guide to promoting a page because it really depends on the competition of the keyword.

    That said, I do use a variety of social bookmarks, forums, ect. I also promote each and every post but the reason for it is different than most SEOers...I need visibility at first for a blog newer than a year old...I know the rest will come with visibility.
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