Non-IM Marketing - Here's Something To Think About...

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I just received an email from Microsoft "Live", their small business marketing effort. The title of the email is "E-mail marketing: Easy, low-cost, effective. Try it!"

It opens with a comic book cartoon of "Margies Travel" office workers saying "Boy, this new travel guide is great, if only we could show people..."

"Oh but you can - with Email Marketing!"

"But how would we do that..."

The point is, you can be sure Microsoft did a LOT of market research, and learned what many of us know - outside the IM world, things like "Email Marketing!" are not necessarily very well known or understood.

What does this mean for us?

First, it means that even the most basic of IM strategies that most anyone reading Warrior Forum either knows or is learning, can KILL IT in the bazillion niches outside of IM.

Secondly, this reinforces what we hear on this forum - that offline marketing potential is HUGE, and again, anyone on this forum, using just the basics, could make a KILLING going after small business.

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