Okay this is Crazy.. Which program to choose?!

by npaige
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hi all -

i know this happens to many and so here i am.
been researching IM training programs for about 3 months now and just when i think i am choosing one... i read a negative review or another one pops up in my view that looks/sounds really great... so many... crazy!

is it.........

Bring The Fresh?... kelly felix & mike long
Niche Profit Classroom?... adam short
IM Super Elite?... matt carter
The Millionaire Mentor? ... michael cheney

one time $27 or $47
or $67 every month
$97 x2...


thanks much,
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    I'm part of Matt's IM Super Elite and I think it's a good investment. He has a lot of training videos in there, and an active forum he checks in every day to answer questions. You'll learn everything Matt is currently doing to make money online, from lead generation to SEO consulting. It's pretty cool.

    The only thing is, I don't get the sense of "hand-holding" step-by-step teaching in his training videos. He teaches well, but he believes in you taking action to learn the basics yourself if the information is readily available online.

    He passes on great knowledge, but when it comes to doing it, you gotta be the one learning from the actual experience resulting from taking action.

    If you are for that kind of training, go for IM Super Elite.

    Hope that helped!
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    Honestly, I don't know anything about any of them but $67 per month would be my last choice.
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    Do not sweat the small stuff. These system sell many copies so if you are leaning towards one and it gets a bad review, do not worry. Now if it is getting trashed then that is another thing entirely. It is more important that you take action and select one. Not taking action or looking for the next better thing is the largest single point of failure an IM makes.

    Pick the person that seems best for you, it is more a personal decision when it comes to Info Dump and training courses. Also if you are just starting out it might not make sense to spend a great deal of money. It has been my experience that more then not if you take a course, most any course, and implement you will make money. IMO try the one the "speaks to you" and do not worry about the money,... unless you do not have any.

    I hope this helps,


    Kevin Marshall
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    If you're just starting out I wouldn't buy any of them. There are a lot of podcasts available for free that give away a lot of information, not to mention the hundreds of blogs out there. They're all trying to ultimately get you to buy something of course, but unless you've gotten a lot of use out of someones free content I wouldn't bother paying for their premium stuff... just my 2 cents.

    Go to ProfitsThemeDiscount.com to get a $25 discount on Profits Theme.

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      I would utilize free resources like this warriorforum. I tried the "30 day challenge" and only got to day 7, lol. It would suck if you pay and don't end up finishing it. I think it's still free and there are videos on youtube still..I think his name was Ed Dale.
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    I would investigate them all and make sure that you are not just reading the hyped up salesletters ... try to read some actual reviews if you can. Definitely purchase one within your finances (if you want to get one ) even if that means the cheapest. Also if my may be they each focus on different aspects of IM but starting cheap will get your foot in the dooor.
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    What I would do is go to the Chris Farrell Membership and watch his free videos.

    The link is to his free sample video section. Just in the free videos he explains how everything works. No need to pay for it. Unless you want free hosting for unlimited domains. Then its well worth the 30 bucks a month.
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        Originally Posted by barbar733 View Post

        I would go with IM Super Elite.. Niche Profit Classroom is out dated and as far as finding free stuff on the internet, it is an option, but 90% of it is outdated.

        With a single resource, it's easier to learn and get the information you need from one place so you're not getting conflicting info.

        I believe it's a clickbank product as well, so you have 60 days to return. Shoot me a PM if you need any more help
        hi there -

        can you say a bit more about how niche profit classroom is "outdated?"


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            Originally Posted by barbar733 View Post

            Hi Nicole....

            I used NPC for a long while and it has it's merit. Adam does show you how to build sites, etc and that's valuable info., but the last update NPC 4 was prior to Google Panda/Penguin updates and his course was heavy on article marketing and his 21 Day Drip Program as his main back linking strategy.

            A couple years ago, this worked, but you really need to be able to navigate the on page and off page waters of SEO and NPC doesn't really cover that well. Now, I'm not saying Adam (owner of NPC) doesn't know what he's doing, I'm sure his sites are making money, what I am saying is that his course doesn't effectively cover everything you need to know, especially when you're just starting out.

            Beyond that, this is a business and every business takes money to both start up the business and keep it running. Free tools and info is great when both are effective, but if money precludes you from trying something, it's going to be tough. Having said that, both NPC and IM Super Elite are CB products so you get to test drive them for 60 days with a money back guarantee. That's something no one can argue with...

            Again, I like IM Super Elite better than NPC for the moment, but you can always swap one for the other as long as you return it within 60 days. Chris Ferrell isn't too bad either if you're new, but he doesn't have a lot for folks that are further along.

            All this is just my 2 cents, everybody here has a point and in the end, it's who you feel comfortable with, but you will want to find a person(s) who follow a similar track that you do...

            Let me know...
            thank you...

            this is really helpful!
            i do appreciate your time.
            i just bookmarked your site
            it's so hard to find reviews that compare programs!.. and with so many it is hard to know...

            thanks again,

            Holistic Health Educator | Writer | Artist

            Take Back Your Health! You can do this.http://ReverseDiabetesHolistically.com

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    I've heard a lot of things about Bring The Fresh, I also see that its how a lot of folks got started with IM. But its ultimately up to you which one you choose.

    Remember when you do pick one stick with it keep going until you start failing with it as in your was making money and now your not then try something new.
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    I'm in a cynical mood..so I apologize in advance

    It seems like the only way to make money online is to sell make money online products! Haha...kidding..maybe...

    I'm listening to the IM Super Elite as I type this. $47 a month seems expensive but if I can make at least double that each month due to the training it's likely worth it.

    Ron Desi
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    If you are just starting out read as much as you can here.. pick one method and stick with it.. if you do need a mentor I would google chris farrell membership. This site is for people who know nothing about IM. If you have been at IM for a while you probably are not going to get anything out of it. This is geared towards people who know how to surf the web and check e-mail..if you need a foundation to start with in I.M chris's site is the place to start..
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