Newbies - Free Freelancing Ebook In Exchange For Feedback

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Every so often, someone arrives on the Warrior Forum and asks what the best way to make $X is.

"I need to make $870 by the end of the month - how should I do it?".

Sound familiar?

And in general the response from the "fellowship" here is that providing a service - article writing, link building etc. - is the easiest way to get started. To essentially become a freelancer.

I have recently put together an ebook based on my own freelancing experiences which teaches the whole freelancing process from finding work to getting paid.

If anyone would like a free copy, in exchange for offering me any positive testimonials you feel comfortable giving, then please let me know.

Last time I offered a free ebook here I limited it to 20 copies but ended up having dozens more requests so if you're interested then please get your name in asap :-)

Warm regards,
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